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Hi all, I'm new and have a question. I have a pair of SFAM jeans that I was going to sell on Ebay. They have a hole though at the crotch. Is that a deal breaker for you? Or would you still buy them if they were a decent price and fix them? They are the A pocket (tri-color) jeans if that matters. iggie2kats
Paypal doesn't want us to know is what I think. lol The only time I've ever seen pending is when it's an e-check and there is no money available. I had someone try to pay me that way and on day 14 or so I asked why it wasn't clearing. Magically it appeared as cleared that next day. (I think they went and put money in the bank!)
Quote: Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed Every refund has a "clearing" process. i dont know why they do this and I only found out about it recently.. I would call paypal after 7 business days have passed IMO I've gotten refunds quickly that didn't have a "clearing" process. And I've refunded buyers too and never had a problem. If the money is in their account it goes straight to the buyers account.
I'm new here, but not to selling on Ebay. Did you get a notification from Paypal in your email? If it's because they don't have the money available it will come out like a check out of their account, and that can take a week or so. If you have a personal only account and they are trying to pay you back with a CC you have to upgrade to take it. I believe it can say pending for that too.
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