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Quote: Originally Posted by parkerlynne I have bought several pairs of worn or ripped jeans on eBay because I'm on a limited budget in college. Expensive taste plus iron on patches... I can rock it I'd definitely pay $20 for a cool pair, even with a tear! That is what I was wondering if someone could do to fix them. They don't fit me so it was no use for me to even try.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bebear for how much? =D Oh yeah, good job! $29 but that's cool since I didn't notice the rip when I bought them.
I ended up selling these jeans after all! THANKS everyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by angeeleeta I just saw a pair of not very rare R&R's sell on ebay for $50 + shipping and they had a huge hole in the thigh/crotch/butt and the hems were destroyed from being walked on, and needed to be taken up at least 1.5 inches. Wow, that's crazy. I hope that is going to happen to me too.
Quote: Originally Posted by lizlikeshugs I have not seen that first style before, but the 2nd one looks very fake. Thanks, I told the lady who wants to sell them that they were most likely fakes.
If only I could sew!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MissTrish You should list them! I've seen WORSE! I think I will, and I will let everyone know what they went for!
Quote: Originally Posted by the_forehead If they're a size 24 or 25, I'd be interested in purchasing them ^_~ keke Nope they are 30's.
I might be able to get more pictures but maybe someone here knows enough to spot check these with just the 1 picture of each. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y18.../tn_gucci1.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y18...tn_GGucci1.jpg Anyone know? I"m asking for more pictures now so hopefully I will have more soon. Thanks to anyone who has time to look!
Quote: Originally Posted by tiff That isnt bad at all OK thanks! I thought they would be heading to the trash can.
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