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Quote: Originally Posted by princessjacqui love everyone's collection! and glad to see there are other purse fanatics like me . it's an obsession!!! this is my collection - not completely updated so there are some missing pieces. i am hoping to add CHANEL to this collection shortly with my upcoming graduation!! fingers crossed. there are a couple of pieces i am selling that are in the pictures but some that are not as well. ...
cellphone, wallet, chapstick, keys, and pen
Does it matter where the serial number is?
I purchased a LV speedy 30 from a Honest forum member, but looking at pics of other speedys... I was wondering why this part of the bag (inside handle attachment) didn't have a serial on it/number. Is this odd? Or am I just freaking out... see what i mean??.... =( someone please answer so i can get the curiosity outta my head!
I don't have a problem with buying 2nd hand bags, but I was just wondering if there are any sites like eLuxury.com. I know of bluefly, overstock, smartbargains, and all the high end department stores (neiman, saks, bloomies, etc) but was wondering if there are sites like eluxury... please share links if possible. =)
I love William rast and Hudson jeans! I've never tried on citizens but always wanted to buy...
i bought these from neiman but the only thing that makes me iffy is the jean badge or whatever... i'm not pro at this so please don't laugh! my other pairs have the white and red one. and it says "SECTION BOBBY / ROW / SEAT " but this one just says " SECTION BOBBY / SEAT 34 " ?? someone get the confusion out of me.. haha thanks guys!!!
I am thinking of the Stella Boot Cut Dark Handsand Wash on WR's site
I haven't had a chance to try William Rast jeans on but... I fit 26 in most True Religions and SFAM. 27 in RR... RR and Diesel are "skinny people" jeans. lol... and so I think I fit around 27 in both of those. But I am not sure about William Rast. From what I tell you about my sizes above, what would you say my size in William Rast be??
i love the 2nd one!
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