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Quote: Originally Posted by ryanduke don't size up though, those 89s looked bad. 8aa and 8fc look great. The 89s was my first Thanaz. I bought them a few month ago with about 10 pounds more on the hips... . The sizes of Thanaz vary much. My 8CA is unwearable in 32...looks like the 89s in 33, so I changed to 31.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alex Nice jeans, nice fit, but PLEASE... Don't wear them so UPPP seems to be under the armpitss!!!! Put 'em down and the fit will be perfect!!! I tried, but that's not so nice to wear the 8FC...for me. Here are the pics, I pulled em down for 1" I also tried to size up with my Thanaz 89s. But just going from 32 to 33 is just like that: I like the tighter look. Here's another comparison: preferred...
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* One word : OPTIMAL ! ( But tiiiight... ) thanks, I really love it tiiiight. Especially the fabric of the 8fc wash. It's just the best feeling with a jeans I ever had. So soft. I tried Safado 8ih two weeks ago, same cloth, different cut and wash. Grüße von Ösiland nach D-Land @jetsetter Quote: looks great, but pull em down about an inch or so will give it a try
hi, just wanted to ask if some others think that my new Thanaz 8FC really, really fits great or if I'm not the right one for Thanaz. Just click on the images for enlargement:
Quote: Originally Posted by sundarker Diesel Jeans Paddom; Wash 71L , is this really. thanks!!! italiandepot is a honest seller. The jean's authentic!
Quote: Originally Posted by mdjmsj Yoox has them in stock right now, in a few sizes at least. thanks for looking! but the correct size is not available, even on the photos posted here, they don't look that slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by _inwonderland You should look into getting the Reckfly Special 88S like mdjmsj suggested. I think that they are pretty neat, the holes aren't patched with red though, it's an orangey-yellow patch. Here are some pics I took (compared to Shazor & Timmen): Reckfly Special 88S I like these, but they are hard to get...thinking of them for my sweetheart
Quote: Originally Posted by darkdestroyer The only time I've ever seen someone in Thanaz of any wash (or come to think of it pretty much any slim cut) was at a Diesel store, and he worked there so it doesn't count I wear them twice a week, sometimes more often. Especially my new Thanaz 8fc.
Quote: Originally Posted by oli... Jesus christ I hope you don't want to buy them... hell no! Just curious if these are authentic
What's that???? Original Diesel Zathan 772 Limited Storemanager Edition - eBay (item 220200188014 end time Feb-15-08 05:41:25 PST) Limited Storemanager? Looks like a very cheap, cheap fake.
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