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Quote: Originally Posted by sundarker Diesel Jeans Paddom; Wash 71L , is this really. thanks!!! italiandepot is a honest seller. The jean's authentic!
Quote: Originally Posted by mdjmsj Yoox has them in stock right now, in a few sizes at least. thanks for looking! but the correct size is not available, even on the photos posted here, they don't look that slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by _inwonderland You should look into getting the Reckfly Special 88S like mdjmsj suggested. I think that they are pretty neat, the holes aren't patched with red though, it's an orangey-yellow patch. Here are some pics I took (compared to Shazor & Timmen): Reckfly Special 88S I like these, but they are hard to get...thinking of them for my sweetheart
Quote: Originally Posted by darkdestroyer The only time I've ever seen someone in Thanaz of any wash (or come to think of it pretty much any slim cut) was at a Diesel store, and he worked there so it doesn't count I wear them twice a week, sometimes more often. Especially my new Thanaz 8fc.
Quote: Originally Posted by oli... Jesus christ I hope you don't want to buy them... hell no! Just curious if these are authentic
What's that???? Original Diesel Zathan 772 Limited Storemanager Edition - eBay (item 220200188014 end time Feb-15-08 05:41:25 PST) Limited Storemanager? Looks like a very cheap, cheap fake.
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueSmiley Real Slammers. I'm pretty sure the X-Ro's are real and are the 3672 lab ... thanks!
Real X-Rotuck 796? eBay Österreich: Original Diesel X-rotuck 796 W31/L34 (8aa 88z 62b 71j) (Artikel 220200191445 endet 15.02.08 14:59:53 MEZ) Real Slammer 8cz? eBay Österreich: Original Diesel Slammer 8cz W31/L34 (8aa 88z 62b 71j) (Artikel 220198999752 endet 11.02.08 17:08:08 MEZ) The Slammer looks real to me, but I don't know the X-Rotuck.
Quote: Do ALL fake diesels lack the micro-stitching with the teeny tiny "diesel" writing ? Or are the fakers starting to catch on and incorporate these into their fake denim? Thanks guys! Me too. What is the problem in faking a microstitching? I also haven't seen a fake Diesel jeans with a well made microstitching, but why?
Especially the jeans that I like, I don't want them to fade out or even destroy the look I bought them for. I've got a Taverniti So jeans that smells really bad, so I will wash them before wearing them the next time. But the Diesels are good for wearing them new and unwashed. Quote: I don't know about you guys, but I sweat...and sweat doesn't smell purty. That depends on the "sort of sweater" (sorry for the bad English) that you are. Some people don't...
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