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If you aren't flash gordon in your private life, try to get rid of these fugly sneaks asap  
ratings are back, at least for me
sold within minutes, wow, that's nice.
up for sale a nice pair of Diesel Thanaz 72H, size 32/34. used gently and washed two times. measurements: waist: 45cm  outseam lenght: 114,5cm  rise: 26 cm
Up for sale a very nice pair of DGB PLISTRY Jeans. Used about 2 - 3 times. very good condition. original tag attached. waist:  43,5 cm complete lenght: 118 cm rise: 26 cm hem: 19 cm
Up for sale is a nice and randomly used pair of Thanaz 8IW in size W33/L34. Very good jeans cloth, maybe the best and heaviest out there from Diesel. Selling these because I got another pair in a smaller size. very tight pair of Thanaz, could easily done sized up when you're a normal W32 in Diesels. measurements: waist: 45 cm  complete lenght: 111 cm   rise: 25,5 cm
I had the same pair (even in the same size as zdenal). sent it back to Yoox due to these insanely short inseams. I hate DDG for that.
this epic pair is slightly too small for me. great craftmanship, really nice work from the Dayton boots factory. great when worn tucked in.
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