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not at all. 86C and 8DK isn't the same. 8DK is a brown-golden-ish black and 86C is a silvershiny-purplish blue. ok? the cloth is also different. 86C is much more heavy than 8DK which is lightweight as fuck.
sorry Yanik, don't want to bother you, but you're on a jeans forum. the diversity of washes is well known here ;-) . don't be angry, ok? I just couldn't stand making fun out of the situation.  
  I was always wondering why there are blue and black Thanaz pairs although they're all called Thanaz. I'm so glad that this puzzle is now solved, thanks for that
I'm planing to take a new pic of the collection. will come sooner or later.   Augustas: http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/8763/dsc08343t.jpg http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/8251/dsc08284s.jpg http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/6537/dsc08340l.jpg   really not the best pics, but the only ones I can provide quick.     the Sandros are already sold. they hurted my feet too much. but great boots, especially with slim fit jeans. only fit pic that I have of...
thanks, would be great to know the materials too for the denim they use  
would need measurements, available sizes and moar info in general about this brand. price? online retailers? what's the point in presenting some locally released brand here, when nobody can buy them, except the people who live near the Thailand store?      
I'm thinking of selling some of mine, but 32x34, sorry  
isn't every THANAZ the same?  
you'll always have to try. if the tepphars 8Y9 would've come in L34 (never seen a pair), I would buy, but as they're only L32, I can't. I'll definetely try the Thavar and Tepphar cut. I would prefer a higher rise as with most of the Thanaz. If you're into slim (not skinny) jeans, I can recommend you the Core Sec cut of G-Star. I don't know if it's still produced, but I really like it and I'm looking for more nice washes.
it's always better to go for a cut, for a wash, not for a brand. If Thanaz is too skinny, try Darron f. ex. . If you're not into Diesels then just try a Darron with a nice wash in a store or at least be wise to order just from a store that takes back the jeans if they don't fit you  
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