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actually I've been back from the tailor: two pairs of ROs taken in and a shirt and a suit.   I'm the best client of my tailor.   I've also got my Trouleg 89W back from making them straight-leg. I like the stacks.   It's better for the budget to take in a nice wash than buying a new one. buying and selling always makes me loose money. I hate that.
new without tags Diesel Tepphar 8Y9 W32 L34. unfortunately these are too tight for me. fit is nice. these are only tried on, never worn out.   pics can be viewed on the Diesel HP. Waist size run like a true W32. please let me know if you need any more measurements or pics.   price is shipped worldwide   measurements: waist 44 cm , outseam lenght: 113 cm,   hem: 16 cm
still too much for me. my closet is overfilled.   problem is, I can't let them jeans go, even if I don't wear them anymore. there's always the thought that I can use a pair later or let it be taken in by a tailor.
can't say exactly but inseam of 32 sounds too short.   this W30 pair has L 36.5
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would prefer a thread that says: What is the most $expensive$ retail jeans that you've got for cheapz?    
I have a guess now. I think these boots are the Nice Collective Army boots:   http://www.coolhunting.com/style/nice-collective.php   http://helloblackbird.blogspot.com/2008/10/nice-collective-combat-boots.html
As I guess this is a real question and not a faux one.   I like your story, but I guess you should'nt think about her until she calls you. I mean do you know her name? you can try to contact her via facebook or other social media. imo that's less offensive and easier to end before it really started.   but what exactly happened when you talked to her? Did she notice your jeans? Where and what was she looking at? your eyes, your shoes, your hands? what was the...
wash looks nice, but I would prefer them without the lightning streaks on the thighs. don't like the low rise on Shioner either. has anyone seen a good Shioner fit (no model pics, a real fit!) so far?  
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