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  these look really nice.
haha, for the good old times...     Thanaz 8IW. sloppy stacks, I know...   alternative view: http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/8564/foto2br.jpg    
71B is so much better than 8SV. clothwise, fitwise, lookwise...   but you have to squeeze in and they don't stretch that much. I had to size up on my 71B pair.
only crappy light fits would be possible in this time of the year. but I'll try... in the next few days  
Quote: that's nonsense. Those washes and cuts are by far the best that DBG has ever released. nothing wrong with a reissue imo.   would like to know how the Crave fits.  
    Zdenal, what size did you get in those DBG, I have the 32 and they're a bit slim. I expected DBG to be cut a little larger. Perhaps it's just the cut, the thigh area is very tight.     From the look and the material they're top notch imo   next level?   nothing justifies a price like that for a simple pair of jeans. but I like the look anyway. someone will buy and sell for -90%. would pay EUR 60,5 immediately ;-)    
I like the new DBG collection:   http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL%20BLACK%20GOLD/detail/cod10/36293596DN/mm/11660/agerange/Adult/mm/11660   http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL%20BLACK%20GOLD/detail/cod10/36293598IS/mm/11660/agerange/Adult/mm/11660   http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL%20BLACK%20GOLD/detail/cod10/36293509IX/mm/11660/agerange/Adult/mm/11660   these peacocks probably fit totally awkward.     Darrons of...
the backpockets are a lot smaller on womens Diesels.
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