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Up for sale: nice pair of Darron 8B9. worn a few times (10 at max!), never washed.   Jeans sizing cm inch waist (uppest button closed) 45 17,72 lenght (outseam) 112 44,09 hem 18,5 7,28   very good condition. original tags...
  same here.   Had several paypal claims with ebay items, but I always won. Never had a paypal problem as a seller...lucky me.     Last paypal dispute was quite fucked up. As the buyer and not satisfied with the item (wrong sizing, stained) I sent back the item and the seller claimed that he got nothing. I provided shipping + tracking, but the tracking wasn't exact enough. Only showed "item distributed" + Postal code of another city than that I've sent to. But the return...
still available!
  these look really nice.
haha, for the good old times...     Thanaz 8IW. sloppy stacks, I know...   alternative view: http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/8564/foto2br.jpg    
71B is so much better than 8SV. clothwise, fitwise, lookwise...   but you have to squeeze in and they don't stretch that much. I had to size up on my 71B pair.
only crappy light fits would be possible in this time of the year. but I'll try... in the next few days  
Quote: that's nonsense. Those washes and cuts are by far the best that DBG has ever released. nothing wrong with a reissue imo.   would like to know how the Crave fits.  
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