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in good used condition.   only the pair in the attached pic, don't know the wash code exactly.
still love my Darron 8IH...perhaps I'm the only one. would suggest this pair to everyone who asks me to get JUST ONE Diesel Jeans.     beside of that:   DBG (Excess or Crave) in 8ML   and the already mentioned: 8IW, 71B and 71J...for good old sakes     currently I'm hunting for an DBG Okayama pair in my size, if there's someone who might wanna sell in size 33...
You forget, it's not Honestforum anymore, it's the Denimblog now. Everything looks GREAAAAAT, everyone is loving each other to wear a jeans with Diesel or Dior stamp on it.   Honest opinions are no longer wanted.         nothing wrong, if you stop posting it here, It's not wanted. You see that people are complaining about users who don't like people wearing everything combined with everything.       There's no request here for evolving and matching fits. not a good...
didn't know that. Last Diesel belt I bought was in 2009, I guess. All of these belts (I have 8 - 10 belts) are made in Italy and great quality.
H&M = shit for let them people die in their factories in south east asia. No difference to Diesel in India. Zara = same shitty conditions of employment.     If you want something made really fair and worth buying because of good quality, check out Wings & Horns, Homme de Guerre (unfortunately dead brand), Nice Collective, AA Tees are also Made in USA, Engineered Garments, Reigning Champ, ... that's quality, most of the time for the same price as Diesel.     I still like...
up for sale a very rare piece of Diesel Jeans: Thanaz 71B W33 L34   these are worn, but in very good condition - see the pics.   very rigid Denim a really awesome denim wash. I just don't wear them enough, but will keep if the price isn't right.   contact me for offers.   sizing is an issue with Thanaz 71B. I say if you're a normal W32 in most Thanaz, you can go with this pair too. Upper thighs are very snug.   measurements:   Waist: 45,5...
but I guess a certain wash + cut combo is only made in one country. So there is no way for a Thanaz 71J f. ex.  from Italy AND a Thanaz 71J from Tunisia.     Only possible way is a pair from Adidas-Diesel. F. ex I have a Thanaz 8IE from Adidas-Diesel = MII . But the original Diesel pair Thanaz 8IE is from Tunisia.
  The DBG Excess 8ML is by far the best Diesel jeans released in the last years. Personal opinion, of course.   the cloth stretches a ton. My W32 pair has stretched out to 47 cm (from 44 cm) in the waist and also the legs were skintight first, then they stretched out quite a lot and now the look is perfect. I have to post a fit pic soon.
^^ pics, man. put all your shoes together, take a shot with your digicam and post the pic!
so jeanetic is fired?
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