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I absolutely love the wash and the look of all the japanese Denim pairs from DBG. I wear my DBG Crave 00HNG pairs a lot (I own 3, just to tell). It's this pair (stock pics):                   But I have a serious quality concern about these jeans. It's not the denim quality, it's the sewing and construction quality that I question.   The stitches (about 2 inch down from the crotch) on two of my DBG Crave went off after about 4 weeks of wear. I had to...
 I don't own any superbia. I think superbia is more tapered than Creeple. It has quite a high rise too.
Creeple seems to be a slim tapered cut. It's not much tapered, but a little. The tag says:       I don't have proper fit pics. All I can say that I sized up one from my current standard Diesel size - but that depends. I could also wear my normal size, but it's too tight for my taste. I don't expect this pair to stretch out much. Cloth is 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester. Stitching isn't as contrasty as in the stock pics. lenght is definetly L34. Original price says 530...
DBG Creeple Japanese:   Creeple       Anyone knows why there's this sort of stitching on the inside of the hem?  
@iPaul (295 Posts. Joined 6/2012): Welcome to Denimblog too
for old time sake   Darron 886A  
referring to your sizing comparison with G-Star, I would suggest to size down 1 on Diesels.   I had a few G-Stars in the last few years and I'm exactly a size 34 in G-Star Core Sec. Most of my Diesels are W32 or W33, so I would suggest you size down one from your G-Star size, perhaps size down 2, but that depends on the wash. Most italian made Diesels are bigger than the Tunisian or elswere made pairs.
too short imo. If you intend to wear them like that, it's ok, but think about how high they go up your lower legs when you sit down...   Dsquared jeans are too loud most of the time, but some pairs are nice. Problem is for big guys that the lenght is always L30 - L32, so they're are no option for L34 wearers. Unless you like the shortness, of course.
does anyone know this DBG leather jacket (I posted a pic before). Here are better pics:   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Diesel-Black-Gold-Leather-Jacket-Size-Small-Brown-Zac-Efron-/141037837732?pt=UK_Men_s_Coats_Jackets&hash=item20d6829da4   thanks
please help me ID this DBG leather jacket:  
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