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Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie Zatiny 8AT came out with SS08 preview. I'd love 'em if they had back pockets like 8AR, but it doesn't work for me as is. Yeah it's too bad that I don't care for the inexplicable ripping patterns on the knees of the 8AR. I say inexplicable because the jeans seem absolutely pristine everywhere else, so it looks out of place to me. But GOD do I love those back pockets, they should be on all Zatinys. Dammit. You...
Quote: Originally Posted by VWGTI2008 The color and pockets are on spot. Thank you. It's true! I know there are a lot more washes out now, but the 8AT is sexy as hell, nice rigid denim, and a breath of fresh air for anyone who has a lot of the more whimsical washes hanging in their closet... which I suspect is pretty much all of us.
Yeah, stupid washing... the softer denim in my TRs seems to just stink up more quickly than my other jeans, and I have to wash mine more. It's kind of a bummer, but at least the ones I have are not complex washes.
Hmm. Did it come that way or did it seem to wear down really fast?
That little tear looks kind of cool actually. They sell Billys in Light Platinum with the back pockets ripped to all hell, after all... just let the tear age and over time it will start to look natural in that spot, also because you will get used to it.
Get them both... but get the Super T first
Zathans and Zatinys have about the same thigh, variance is greater between the different washes than between the two cuts in an overall sense. If the waist and hips are super tight and you haven't noticed any significant stretching (sometimes it happens), the best first option is to slip on one size larger and see if they won't become too loose later on. Sometimes it's a tough call and requires feedback based on what different washes tend to do over time. The best thing...
The tags are in the right place, the fabric looks thick like Pharrell and the worn paint on the metal tag and top button are typical of Energie, but I can't say to a certainty. I notice that I seem to have sold all my Energies. I am just not convinced by their washes, and thus they hadn't gone into rotation. Not that it has any bearing on your question so I'll shut up
I got pretty fucked up in my Safado 71Js and now they fit me like they should. True story. It's Armin Van Buuren's fault. I was pissed cause I stepped on the hem and that went into god knows what sort of silt and sludge on the ground created there. Little water, toothbrush, tiny bit of mild soap at the hem, and I'd say all the dancing was worth it. Either the jeans got bigger or I burned so many calories that my thighs got smaller. Either way, bonus... but... PISS ME...
These jeans are nice. Since they are japanese denim that explains the +$$. Want not nice? Look at the Viker 8RD... $390... the distressing is over the top. If I'm going to pay for ripped up stuff it should have magical magnetic powers, much like the 71J. This Viker wash could have been great if they'd used a dremel tool instead of a chainsaw. But back on topic, thumbs up for the Japazatinys!
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