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Looks great from these angles! The second picture looks like those jeans have the best fit between the two.
I get most of my pairs wet cleaned after about 5-10 wears...depends on the season, how hot it is, how much I sweat, and/or if it is around people who smoke. The rare pairs or ones with "dirt" or "rust" on it will rarely be cleaned (but then I try to avoid wearing them on hot days or in places I know would make them smell). I sometimes bring a spare pair for me to change into if I know there's a chance my favorite pair might get dirty, hahaha, talk about OCD.
Wow, I've become eye lazy from reading this thread, hahaha. I have a Safado 8AA in 32x32 and had them taken up since they were quite long (though now I wish I kept them the same). They didn't look so bad, coming from someone who has the Trouleg 8DK. But I've gained a few pounds now and hardly wear it as much...hoping by the Spring I'll be back to my better size again...damn Holidays!!!
I'm keeping all of mine and maybe one day down the road (that's if we survive 2012, hahaha) I'll just sell them to one of my younger relatives.
I bought the Zatiny 8FC on the same day I bought the Zatiny 88Z and the Zathan 72H. I must say, the 8FC are my favorite and I've been complimented many times while in them. And its true, 8FC does not stretch and give. I wore that pair when I was at the Anne Frank museum/house in Amsterdam and those narrow stairs almost made me die in those jeans, hahaha, okay it wasn't really that bad or that tight.
I like the Penhaligon's line of cologne. Right now I use Endymion but I also like Opus 1870 and English Fern. The Floris brand is also nice, Floris No. 89 is used by Ian Fleming.
Quote: Originally Posted by pinchy anyone wash their 8dks? how'd they turn out? Had mine wet cleaned and well it bleeds like crazy hahaha. He did a spot test just to show how much it would bleed and to see if he had to clean it individually. Anyway, it still looks somewhat the same. I have a Trouleg 8DK and Zatiny 8DK and one has been cleaned and it still looks like the other one.
Yeah that really is a nice apartment. My eyes wandered to it more than the jeans, hehehe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Necio trouleg 8dk and yarik 88z ... i want to know if i dry clean my yariks what will happen or wash them once will it loose lots or little shine ... and my 8dk what if i wash them with the dark detergent for black clothing like woolite dark will it hold on to the color ... or any ideas because my 8dks got some ketchup on them and my yariks got some cake.. Hahaha, here we go again with the jeans washing... After my...
I know what jeans those are, hehehe. Thanaz 8ev At least that's what Gabe told me.
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