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If someone is caught devaluing items they can be prosecuted by the law. No reputable seller is going to devalue anything for you sorry. It is just something you have to deal with living in another country. Also even with your fees you are still buying things less than retail or items you can no longer get in stores. That is why everyone loves ebay, cheaper stuff. Don't blame the buyer I highly doubt he agreed to do that then went against what he said in the first place and...
I am also curious what was the $3k for? Makes no sense.
Love those very pretty and real
I am not a big fan either but if you like them that is all that matters since you are wearing them.
I definitely could not pull of such an extreme wash with my style but my sister could with absolutely no problem. So I agree depends on the person my sister wears bright colors, acid wash etc and makes it work I am always shocked
I am not having any issues with it either
Really great deal and same here I thought one leg was chopped off for some reason. Maybe that is why they went for so little. Either way great deal for that pair.
I hate when that happens it has happened to me more times than I want to remember. I always tell myself the highest bidder probably had a bid that was more than I was willing to pay to make myself feel better, lol. But I know how that feels
Agree fake
That skirt is adorable! But aren't those measurements given like for a size 27? Does this skirt run 2 sizes big? I normally wear a 26 and the measurements look like a size up even.
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