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how do you reserve a pair? I see that someone was able to. I'm too far from a store and I will have to get a friend to pick them up if I reserve one. I'm a size 27 so it'll probably be difficult to try and get a pair online even if I wait for the exact moment for the sale to start knowing probably thousands of people will be trying to buy online. I'll have to buy through the Georgetown store in D.C.
Authentic Levi's LVC 1967 505 Redline Selvedge jeans - eBay (item 250213412037 end time Feb-10-08 19:00:25 PST) i'm guessing if these are real, the price will go up a lot right?
Tobi - Cheap Monday Tight 34" Skinny Jeans in Shine Denim - Denim, Skinny / Tapered or these but then again i'm about like 5'10 and weigh 130 pounds.
i really like this black pair of cheap mondays Tobi - Cheap Monday Regular 34" Straight Leg Jeans in YD Black Unwash - Denim, Straight Leg what do you guys think? i'm probably gonna buy it in 28 and soak it like you guys said. just wondering, how do you do this? do you soak and hang dry and not use the dryer?
sigh none are my size. im a 28.
Hey i posted a thread before bout my jeans being too big and people said i should size down. well now i realized that these are too big lol it falls down unless i wear a belt. do you think anyone would buy them? i bought em for about 90 bucks. they're 29x32. should i just ebay it? i deeply regreat blowing this much money now cuz i was a noob. lol.
can somsoen tell me what this is? DIESEL Men - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX
or i just wont buy them haha. but so if i were to buy raw jeans i should get it slightly too big?
alright. i'm also hoping they look better in person. lol they dont look athat nice in the pic.
how are these jeans? cheap monday 666's UrbanOutfitters.com > Cheap Monday 666 i think they're pretty cheap for raw jeans. i was wondering how these fit also. should i buy something a bit bigger than my normal size? i heard they shrink a bit when u wash em for the first time.
New Posts  All Forums: