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do you have curb your enthusiasm? i love that show
YouTube - ATB - I wanna cry
i only ship EMS unless i am willing to get scammed and fwiw i've never gotten scammed but if i did i could live with it because it's worth getting scammed occasionally to sell internationally CQ is the US version of CP which is just a customs form.. it could be either priority or ems they use the same customs form.
enter it into usps and it will tell you once tracking becomes available
cool maybe i'll d/l it my mom was ravign about it shoot em up was pretty good in a film noir style (like sin city or kill bill) watching "wolfman" and I just got through a boring ass film "the international" cause i thought it had clive owen so it would be good.. it wasn't. watching "the proposal" ugh
does anyone here still like safado 8dk?
i didn't even know san francisco had blacks UPDATE the 4gb card i bought for my phone doesn't work... it's an SDHC my shit only supports SD up to 2gb epic fail
i wonder how wet she's getting from this thread
and maybe begret
someone get sonic in here
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