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VERY NICE!!! I used to prefer Joeys but i've converted to BOBBY!!!
its cheap to buy north face jackets in the summer time from the north face outlets in usa. i've seen the jackets around 40-50% off which is quite a steal! the only downside is buying a parka in the scorching summer heat lol. but its not like you gotta wear it home
that bag is absolutely beautiful! makes me want one too! it looks so soft and luxurious!
canadian price is only 215-255? holy wow that's not bad at all!
you look uber cute in your new hoodie! hehe i love the happy grin on your face! what does the paddington hoodie look like? i've been wanting to buy a scuba hoodie for a while now but find the plain colour ones kinda..."meh"... even though everyone has the aritzia ones they tend to fit better on me. edit: i just went on ebay to do a search on the other style you mentioned. i "must" have one now!!!
the markup on that is really crazy in yen! :O
that's sad because i really can't tell it's fake when i have a real speedy 30 that was bought from holts in toronto. i took it out to compare with the pics from that auction and i just can't tell. am i blind?
you did a great job! they look very nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by mello_yello_jen The dark handles occur because of dirt in your hands. To avoid getting the dark/dirty look, make sure your hands are clean before you use the purse, and condition/clean every week or so. The vachetta of one purse isn't usually even throughout the bag. You have the right idea, the area that is touched the most will tend to be darker than the other parts of the bag. If you want to get an even patina...
congrats! that's a very nice bag!!! it looks so versatile and looks like it can hold a lotta things (which is what i look for in a bag). i can't bother with those dainty tiny little things that my best friend loves to carry (lv accessories pouch???). i wouldn't even be able to fit the lv accessories pouch on my shoulder if i had a jacket on!
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