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^hahhaa sorry, i haven't logged on in days!!
gorgeous find!
^ITA they weren't THAT great of a deal, IMO... you'll find better ones eventually
aww thanks, guys
Ultimatums are hawt
ooh i saw those on eBay! I think the wash is Rebel Leopard... they look great!
omg... i almost threw up in my mouth
i love this thread! First Name: Jennifer Age: 20 Where in the world are you: Currently going to school in Austin, TX (UT Austin... Hook 'em!), originally from Houston Single/Married/Engaged: in a relationship Favorite Food: Greek/Mediterranean Favorite Drink: chai, vanilla soy Favorite Color: GREEN! Favorite Book: so hard to choose; I'm an English major, so I have a ton Favorite TV Show: The Office (US version), 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Flight of the Conchords,...
eek... sorry for the huge pics
awww fun thread!!! Lorna, i LOVE those iradium rays! and i definitely agree w/ antolette, those padded logos look great on you, Natalie! logo designs are probably my faves, next to crowns hmm i usually delete most of my old pictures since i upload a ton for my parents to see and also for my blog, but here are a few my pink crystal crowns that my bf bought for me from dtoy ignore the bare hotel room/bandana (i was interning in Chicago that summer and we wore...
New Posts  All Forums: