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lol I feel the same way... just be sure to scour through the jean racks!
I bought these today and they're too big for me, so I wanted to run it by any available pros to double check if they were authentic before auctioning it off. They're marked "Irregular", and I don't think many fakes do that, so I'm feeling pretty good about these... So sorry about the bad lighting... I took the pictures and uploaded them in a rush. Would they be white crowns on white jeans with... white crystals? They look kind of light blue-ish, but that may just...
^oops, also in SE Houston, TX... but that's quite a drive, so I don't recommend you go there unless you're already in the area.
I just bought a pair of white crowns at the Marshall's at Bay Area Blvd. in the Clear Lake/Webster area, so I'm guessing they get R&R Irregular shipments pretty frequently, too.
While looking at an auction for a pair of R&R maternity jeans, I thought to myself, "Wow, I love this wash and cut! If only they didn't have that stretchy band thing there... wait a minute..." and it hit me. Wouldn't buying a pair of maternity jeans (maybe in one size smaller) be the same, if not better, than a pair of regular jeans? No more worries about large meals/buffets! :P I wouldn't try this on your everyday JCPenney maternity jeans, but the designer denim...
Aww thanks for all the newcomer love
Wow, thanks for the quick responses!!! Hopefully I can get to him before he ships... thanks again
I got so excited at the low, but not dirt cheap, BIN price, that I jumped at it against my better judgment, and now I think I may have bought a fake. Could anybody please do an authentication check for me, please? Thanks!! I've been wanting a pair of Kiedis's in Alpha wash, but the R's look a little funny to me... Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'd like to get back to the buyer asap about a refund, before he/she ships. Thanks again!
Aw I feel ya, for Texas! For every Marshall's I've been to, the only one I've found R&R's in is the one closest to my hometown, in Webster, TX (SE Houston area) off of Bay Area Blvd. Sightings included two pairs of Kiedis's in Pearl White (but one pair had a small hole in the thigh) and lime green VB crowns, but it had with another small hole in the thigh... I almost cried at the tragedy.
Hey everyone, I'm new here, but I was just wondering if outlet-like retailers such as Marshall's or TJ Maxx sold authentic R&R's. I spotted a pair of Kiedis's stamped "Irregular" in the front inside pocket for $80 at Marshall's the other day, but I wanted to make sure they were genuine. I was nearly wiped out of my first paycheck by Neiman's, so I don't mind a little irregularity here and there if it means I get a real pair for half the price. They also sold Antiks,...
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