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i saw a girl wearing fake Crystal Vicodine Fleurs just two days ago on campus, but i couldn't whip our my cell phone in time
Quote: Originally Posted by JEANius LOL! Thanks Jni4 : ) I want to actually get a more detailed and complete version just to show y'all exactly what's in my head if nothing else. I'll get it up at some point : )
GASP they look great!!!! i remember once seeing a crystallized pair, and they were so drool-worthy
wow i totally missed the voting process, too... haha oops... however, i do love the new pocket design!!! Vato's!
Quote: Originally Posted by **christine** ...or they are quite happy to settle for cheap fakes sad, yet so true
^ditto. also, "Florida" seems to be a default name for most sample washes... i've seen it as pink stitching on Phoenixes, as well as yellow and green stitching on a pair of sample classic R nymph shorts.
most were Uranium Jaggers for $175, which i haven't regretted... yet. can't even think about any standout good deals for R&R... probably my Opal Vetter for $50ish, but that's a skirt, so i don't know if that counts.
those crowns are soso gorgeous
hahaha aww i just looked at the Contreal Break thread and it's cute how you can kind of see the budding of a romance back then
the jeans look HOT and that is so cute about you and yelnats!!! i love forum romances!
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