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LOVE it!
i used up a good deal of my creative juices for the last contest and it was a bit crushing when i went back and saw that several other readers/entries jacked my idea. lame going to sit this one out... i have too many "boyfriend jeans" stolen from my bf anyways good luck to all the HF members who entered
i also like the belt without it, the button-down + blazer combo doesn't "pop" as much
it's times like these that i wish my brother and sister-in-law would hurry up and have a kid so that i could dress her up like the cool aunt i'd be
Quote: Originally Posted by annamal so funny, i dont like those washes either but i want vatos.. i like the solid dark wash that have silver vatos i forget what they are called yes! those are stellar black vato's! so pretty i also wouldn't mind another pair of turmoil gold vato's, but they would be a pair that fits a little more comfortably
Quote: Originally Posted by ca11metdub floyd seleniums...but thats id say almost impossible wouldnt mind some effens or horizon views though timothy!! you're also an HF member?? (and you actually joined before me!) how did i not know this until just now! please post more, love!
another vote for Combustible
cute idea
the fit is great! my vote goes for crystallizing and leaving the cut as is
was a bumming around kind of day... first time i wore my new hoodie
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