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Yay thanks, Odie! Just to clarify: is this gift giving a one-time thing? Or are we doing it several times in this 3 month time span? It just seems like 3 months is a long time... Also, i think it would be a good idea for all the participants to fill out the "Meet the Members" thread That way, we can have some idea of your likes/dislikes in case we're at a loss for what to get.
^antolette, that was the exact first thing that popped into my head, too! it seems like R&R is running out of ideas...
wow those Nexus Blues are a good deal!
meh nothing i really want i just got my first pair of William Rasts about a month ago and i really like them, though! if i get more pairs, i think they might be my new 2nd place. of course, nothing can replace R&R
even if i didn't know you from before, congrats on your engagement!! i love weddings!
yayy Odie, just making sure that you got my PM? i didn't know if you were going to reply with confirmations or not...
looks great!
Happy belated!!! I agree, V-Day is completely overrated anyways... have fun on your own and enjoy your newfound freedom!
gorgeous, gorgeous!
WOW lucky you, Antolette! My bf is a team lead for a volunteering project all day today and part of tomorrow, so we're celebrating Valentine's a day late. I got him a pair of Armani sunglasses since he always complains about how he needs a pair for when he drives... no idea what he's getting me yet!
New Posts  All Forums: