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so hot! you always look amazing in your chromas!
awww boo i'm belated... well i hope you had a great one, anyways!
fake sorry
i loved your story! <3 and the jeans look HOT!
definitely real IMO just missing the crystals on the crowns
post the pics when you get more... i agree that something on the pocket looks a bit off, but i initially thought they were real.
hmmm i see. thanks for your help, guys!
nowadays? pretty much only: 1. Honest Mall 2. members like Minika, Antolette, Talinda, etc. who are so helpful and sweet, that it makes me feel like i should contribute more
Sorry to threadcap, but I JUST impulsively bought a pair of A77 Joey Overdrives in Raw perhaps 10 minutes ago on revolve. I'm pretty bummed that they won't fade like other raws, since that was what I was looking to do... will they not honeycomb, fade, etc.? Or is it very subtle? TIA!
YAY i can't wait! i'll probably buy my Spirit Buddy's stuff this weekend so that i can get it out soon before February is over
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