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Thavar 810L , had also a pair of thavar 8B9 I like the fit of the 810L better actually , may need ten shortened though
Dude those tepphars look sick on you !
Digging the while assemble man!
Thavar 8b9 , I actually have some thavar 810L that I'm going to wear tomorrow to compare fits , the 810L seem to be more snug in the thigh which I'm theorizing will stretch to perfection over time in that area
Phukette in 32 will be 33 in October lol
thanaz 73j , and when i see some pop up on ebay they are usually fakes :(
awesome thanks alot you guys !! i really dig them to so i think ill keep them and sag them !  
I just bought some Thavar 8b9's and Krooley 806Q the krooleys im for sure going to keep i love them , but thavars i have a love hate relationship with , ive tried on many pairs of thavars in my size, everytime they were snug/too small, so i decided i really dig thavars so im going to get some and let my ego take the hit and size up, get the 8b9's in the mail and boom the waist is loose to a sag almost but fit perfectly on my thighs calves, im so lost with this cut and...
I was at the Diesel store in Chicago this pass weekend and bought these, i usually wear thanaz, but when i put these on for some reason i fell in love with them  
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