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Jawnz will temporarily be accessible at this domain name jawnz Spread the word
wow this place dresses like shit now
where is the "snort it" option
this is really unfortunate. i really think you're one of this forums last hopes
follow me on twitter @vito
no push email = suck
Quote: Originally Posted by ross I leave for a week or so and we're still discussing this? Skids isn't totally wrong either. Those jeans are too tight. i disagree about the shirt fit (he never liked the way my boo fit even in other photos), but i do agree about the jeans. what i didn't mention here that i did mention on jawnz was that i recently pulled those outta the wash and they were rather tight/stiff/awkward fitting
it runs big, you'll need an xs. that's what i'm wearing there
you bought yourself, anthony? how much for a weekend?
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