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Quote: Originally Posted by casiotech Quote: You know where to find me, right? Get the address from Casio. Does anyone else find it curious that "ross a. bendik" who hasn't logged into his myspace or facebook in over a year has managed to magically DELETE both profiles?? Doesn't sound like something someone who doesn't care would do. ross bendik - MySpace People Search Login | Facebook sounds like when cez kills this "innocent"...
Quote: Originally Posted by the c in rap is silent_ sorry cez, but that is the most illogical argument i've ever heard. firstly, her post could hardly be described as "bent out of shape." secondly, much like casio and everyone else "is entitled to their 'own' opinions," she is as well, hence her post expressing her opinion about casio's response. ultimately, this boils down to relativism, which commits the fallacy of self-contradiction. Agree...
Facts not in evidence Casio Jawnz was more exciting in some ways with you and Sonic there, but I am thrilled to not be dealing with you both and I do not need to keep bringing it up...your new boyfriend (Cez) does it for me
Poseurific mid-$30s sedans for poorly endowed guys
Sorry, all those cars look the same to me. When will you crash the Niss...Infiniti?
What posts on Jawnz? lol
Haha he crashed his new Infiniti? By "stepping on the brake" in a parking lot lol And he has to pay it all out of pocket because he has some kind of third-world insurance. This is just too good.
Casio you still on this shit? lol
Quote: Originally Posted by binaryfi Thanaz 8EV This is all really, really bad, except your shoes. I used to have those in middle school, totally forgot they existed. Only thing stopping me from negging.
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