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William Rast Stella Classic Rise Boot Cut Jean - shopbop.com How do you guys think these would fit? I'm normally on the larger side of a 28.
Thanks for the help! I will definitely be buying from these sellers then.
*bump* Anyone? What about hello-boutique?
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew if the Marc Jacobs Dita Dress has been faked? I was wanted to bid on one that ali-babe is selling on ebay: Marc Jacobs celeb Dita metallic dress 6 10 NWT - eBay (item 200192859978 end time Jan-23-08 17:18:55 PST) But I'm a little wary because she has it in so many sizes. Does anyone know if this is fake? Or if ali-babe normally sells authentic stuff? Thanks for the help!
How is it that no one has mentioned The OC? Ryan and Marissa are especially fond of them.
I have a lot of pairs with just plain white fabric, so I wouldn't worry about it.
Ugh. Am I the only one who totally hates that pocket design? It's soooo tacky, IMHO.
Keep them! I'm not personally a fan of the studded A's, but they look great on you. Those jeans fit you perfectly.
Don't get Paige. I loved my Paige jeans at first, but they fell apart really quickly. IMHO, they are not of the same quality as Seven jeans are. Just stick with the Sevens.
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