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Excellent used condition Diesel Black Gold 8ML in rare size 27.  $135.00 shipped and PP fees included.  
  SLP 15.5cm raw, have a great weekend everyone. 
Excellent pre-owned DIOR HOMME 17.5CM in WASHED BLUE DENIM Size 28.  I purchased this last May at Dior Beverly Hills boutique, this pair has a very cool patching wash which gives it a vintage patched look.  Great subtle distress compliments the whole look IMO.  Let me know if there are questions or more pics needed.    $400 -->> $380 MADE IN ITALY MSRP $710 USD -  Waist: 14.25" -  Rise:  9.75" -  Thigh:  9.85" -  Knee: 7.25" -  Inseam:  35.5" -  Hem: ...
Brand New with Tag SAINT LAURENT PARIS 15.5CM RAW INDIGO SKINNY DENIM in Size 28.  These are awesome fitting jeans, I also own these personally and they fit similar to Dior 17.5cm upperblock but with an overall slimmer legs.  I have 2 of these both in  1 SOLD, I have 1 left size 28 available for sale @$370USD each with shipping and paypal fees included.  MADE IN JAPAN 98% cotton & 2% polyurethane MSRP $475 USD D02 M/SK-LW -  Waist: 14.15" / 36.25CM -  Thigh:  9.75" /...
Brand New with Tag SAINT LAURENT PARIS RED SELVEDGE INDIGO DENIM in Size 28.  $435.00 -->> $415.00 --> $400.00 Shipping and Paypal fees included. 100% COTTON MADE IN JAPAN MSRP $675 USD D03 M/ST-LW -  Waist: 14.15" +/- -  Rise:  9.85" +/- -  Thigh:  9.75" +/- -  Knee:  7.5" +/- -  Inseam:  34" +/- -  Hem:  7" +/- **Measurements are approximate, please ask for measurements pictures if needed.** 
@ming +1, looks sharp, those SLP biker jeans are killer!
Fantastic @denim addict  everything from top to bottom!!!  love the jacket and 74k  
 +1 very nice!!
 Nice 817h!! Length of shirt looks good IMO. @vlcisko  Great look @Aramis I like your jacket!!  
^^^ SUPER!!! ^^^  @Aahz 
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