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Yea I randomly logged onto Cultizm yesterday to see if they had any new arrivals, and ALL of the Diesel jeans were on sale - 824P, 824Y, etc. I nearly got the new tepphar as well that they have but didn't stock a short leg. I ordered 824P yesterday morning but did not get an email about the sale until this morning. When I went back on, they had amended it. Luckily they already shipped my order. Must have been a mistake I guess in reducing the new releases.
Diesel Herringbone Chi-Tight B Size 31 Worn a handful of times but have been neglected recently, so decided to sell. I will send worldwide with tracking Offers considered, PM if interested Thanks
I picked up Sleenker 824P from Cultizm yesterday, they were reduced to £106 with free shipping so I pulled the trigger. They should be here tomorrow according to fedex so I will post some pics.......
Scotch & Soda Tee Shioner 74Y Paul Smith
Diesel Thavar 8X2 30/30
Diesel Thavar 8X2 Listed as BNWT as I have worn these 3 times. I have owned several pairs of 8X2 over the last few years in the hope that each new pair would stack better on me than the last. Have finally decided to let them go. Asking £140 (negotiable) which includes tracked shipping worldwide. These are becoming increasingly harder to come by, especially in this size. PM me if you are interested. Thanks again
Diesel just being lazy, re-arrange some letters and make a new cut....
POIAK - IAKOP (Its an anagram)
Thanks for the help @ El-Nino I think I will get a pair, those pictures you posted look very similar to 8X2 and I will prefer how Sleenker will stack on me.
@ Aramis and anyone else who has seen these IRL In terms of the colours, would you say it is comparable to 8X2? I have looked on Cultizm and on Ssense and the pictures differ. Cultizm shows a golden rust whereas Sense shows white fading... I prefer the skinnier leg opening so am considering selling my Thavar 8X2 and getting Sleenker 824P purely because of the fit. Can you share any thoughts?
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