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The Blue Eyecon label simply means that the wash of the jeans will go through a process of greater length in order to create. Each pair are hand made - althouh many of Diesels normal washes are hand made and individual to each pair anyway. Prices tend to be £180 upwards and they all come with the usual features that we are aware of; the blue tag on inside of waist, blue rivet on coin pocket, blue leather patch om back waist and the blue text on the price tag. Personally...
Yep I was going to put a link to USC @ iPaul @ levislad They have them and it is a store here in the UK - perfectly legit!
Double Denim is 👌.........and that is what I want! (A reference from 'The Office') 😂
Diesel Shioner 804H 30/30 - come complete with all tags. Have been worn once, could pass as Brand New. £120 shipped anywhere - see my feedback Thanks 😀
Diesel Shioner 74Y 31/30 - come complete with all tags. Have been worn a handful of times, could pass as Brand New. I have re-enforced the hole on the right leg with some material inside the jeans so you dont put your foot through it when putting them on! £130 shipped anywhere - see my feedback Thanks 😀
Thanks guys - dont often wear my leathers for work so try and get them out of the wardrobe as much as possible at weekends! @ Aahz - The Callerton is the one that got away for me, looks great on you! Tried on a Small before Xmas in London flagship, didnt buy it though and it has since sold out in all the stores in the UK! 😔
@ Phukette 😜 All Saints Leathers ❤️
A couple from today and last night...... All Saints Blenham Bomber All Saints Altemont Denim shirt Tepphar 822R Diesel Overland Boots All Saints Ruck Leather Sleenker 823Z All Saints Venice Boots
Matalan Jumper Joules Quilted Gilet Thavar-UK 813L Clarks Dresslite Walk
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