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I have the following pairs of Diesel Thavar for Sale, simply because I am trying to trim down my collection. Thavar 811P (with tags - could pass as new) 30/30 Thavar 888P (with tags - could pass as new) 30/30 Thavar 8X2 (with tags - could pass as new) 30/30 Thavar 8NE (used) 30/30 Thavar UK 75G (used) 30/30 - altered professionally from a 32 length Some pairs will also be listed separately with more photos. I am open to offers on any pair, I will ship worldwide with a...
I thought the same so I asked the guy in the Diesel store at the weekend and he said that was not the case. Im hoping that he was right and it would make sense, Diesel classes Tepphar as 'the skinniest of the carrot family' so I dint think they would replace a carrot cut with a non-carrot cut.
Great fit @ only the brave. Mine are made in Italy but they do not have the 3 stitch italian flag. I was in London this weekend wearing my 824P so thought I would take advantage of the well lit changing rooms for some fit pics... All Saints Merino Scoop All Saints Blenham Leather Sleenker 824P Paul Smith trainers
Yes this is Shioner 74Y. Go for your usual size mate.
Couldnt agree more Daaan. I sold all of my Thanaz and in theprocess of deciding what to do with my Thavar as the bigger leg opening affects the way in which they stack on my shoes. I never wear Thavar on a night out now as they dont look as good around my ankles with smart shoes.
Thanks Phukette I manage to take my pics in such a way that my massive thighs do not show so much. IRL you may change your opinion. 😀
Thanks iPaul Yeah I went with my regular size 30/30. They feel very similar on the thighs and lower leg to me also with similar leg opening.
I got these today so here is my opinion and some pictures. Im a bit of a sucker for a blue pair of jeans so upon first view, I was very happy with the wash although like Aramis said, not sure they can be compares to 8X2. The blue is similar but the ust is not there on 824P. Pictures at home (poor lighting)... Some fit pics that show the true colours of the jeans..... For those that have not seen these IRL, I would like to explain the abrasions because website...
Thanks Phukette 👍
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