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A few here from recent times.... Pretty Green Felton Jacket Tepphar 886A Clarks Dresslite Walk All Saints Tonic Scoop All Saints Walker Fleece Tepphar 823D Clarks Safari Top Diesel T-Bestla Tepphar 8NA Ask the Missus Suede
@ denimneverdies They have not done anything different here, they have simply added the categorisation feature onto the website. There entire Collection has always been divided into the cleaner and more extreme washes, along with Blue Eyecons and more recently Jogg Jeans, so now they have just made it easier to navigate by categorising on the website.
If he has not responded to either of you and he has now been banned, I would be opening a case to get your money back!
Yo! I am afraid I am not going to be able to help. I buy a lot from ASOS but usually its the branded stuff and I have never bought a pair of their own label jeans. What I would say is that it depends what type of look you are going for as most Skinny jeans from stores in the UK (ASOS, River Island, Topman etc.) will be similar to the Diesel cut Tepphar or Sleenker now I guess. You notice that the pair you sent a link to states that they come in a stretchy material, they...
Diesel Shioner 817H   New with Tags - Bought when these went into sale but shortly after decided to trim down my collection.   £110 shipped anywhere. Please see my feedback, I have had many dealings with forum members.   PM me if you are interested.
Thanks guys, glad my review was deemed to be an acceptable standard 😄 Like I said, tried to copy your format Denim Collector - just gotta put a denim wall in place now! @ Dieselicious - Sorry to delay, the lab on mine 003100 and I have a circular sticker with a 4 on mine, but its stuck onto the same tag where the lab, lav etc is printed!
Just to clarify as well, I have sold a few pairs to @ bombchuchart and he has always been a good person to deal with. He has contacted me via the forum and personal email. I cannot comment if this user is the same as the ebay seller, but that link for the Shioner 801A is being sold by ebay user dieseldirtynewage. I have bought from a guy called fxxkbomb and they must be the same seller as the photos of the jeans are the same as is their location. Again, the jeans I bought...
Course not @Deiselicious   Still a very nice pair you have their despite the higher tonal contrast. Yours look very similar to the Diesel stock photo!   @freeradical82   You are right, I wouldn't day they are too thick but they are definitely a little bit heavier than some of my other Tepphar!
@Phukette   I agree, £300 is ridiculous. I am surprised they would sell any at that price but the online store only has a couple of sizes left. My obsession would have pushed me to £200 (probably regrettably) but glad I got them a lot cheaper!
So I posted my latest purchase in the other thread and a few users were asking about the colours. Apologies for the delays in response, I try to get on here when I can but often I forget! Due to the intrigue I decided to set up this thread using @Denim Collectors reviews as a template (minus the wall - you know which one) 😉 So when I initially saw these, I wondered why the hell they were £300. Then I managed to have a look in store and it was clear that they were pitched...
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