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Matalan Jumper Joules Quilted Gilet Thavar-UK 813L Clarks Dresslite Walk
@ Locky Can you post or PM me some pics of the Sleenker 829I with a better lighting? All pair look good on you!
Thanks for the comments guys, I love All Saints leathers and recommend to everyone!
I saw this when you first posted but every so often I come back and have a look again. Fucking Amazin mate.
All Saints Cargo NEXT Tee Tepphar 822R Converse
All Saints Cargo Leather NEXT Tee Tepphar 822R Converse
Great buys @ Phukette, my Diesel Overland will be here tomorrow, got the black ones! Completely coincidental how we arranged our posts, we must have done it at near enough the same time!
FCUK Tee Tepphar 820Q Ask the Missus Shoes All Saints Nash Bomber (Going to return it - I have the Blenham and I think it was too much to spend on something so similar) NEXT Tee Tepphar 883E Nike Stefan Janoski Digi-Floral Desert Blue
I dont often post in here but I tend to go on a bit of a spree around Xmas and NY, so hear is what I bought.... Nathan Clark for Clarks ''Duty Desert', Clarks 'Euston Walk' and Ask the Missus from Office. All Saints 'Fremont' Denim jacket, All Saints 'Kiku' Denim jacket, Paul Smith reversible bomber, RL knitted Long Sleeve Polo, Pretty Green Tees and Check Shirt, Farah Vintage Tee, All Saints 'Altemont' Shirt, Farah Vintage Tee. ......and finally the...
Some great buys going on, congrats on the Shioner and Thavar @ denim addict, its a good feeling when you get two new pairs in the mail! 😉
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