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Yeah, All Saints fits similar to Diesel. Having said that, I take a Small or Medium with Diesel Tees and Tops but only an Extra Small in All Saints Tees and Small with their shirts! As Phukette says, it is a more 'regular' fit...   @ baltimore - Cool 882d. I wish Krooley fit me like it fits you. I think it is actually a really good looking cut, but its not slim enough for me and sits too high on my waist! They always seem to release a lot of the cool washes in...
Really? Im not a huge fan of how they fit on my thighs. They make them look massive. I appreciate your comments none the less Lee! :-)   But yeah they are the only pair I have. 8YM and a couple of other pairs have come and made a short stay in my wardrobe, but they are to wide on the lower leg!
Ted Baker UPANDUP Print Tee Tepphar 8W3 Vans True White        Cheap Blue Tee Safado 8AA shorts (Saf-Short - If Diesel were to sell)  Vans True White    
No I never wear a belt with them. Partly because I dont need one as they are elasticated, and partyly because I dont think they look right with a belt, as they have the draw strings.
@ Ramirez   I dont think Diesel NL will ship to the UK will they!?   @ wediner   Thanks for the comments bud! These are the second pair of Krooley joggs I have owned, and to be honest they dont really fit like Krooley.   They are slim with not much room on my legs, although super comfy. I would get a 28 if I were you. I am usually a 31 in Krooley but these are a 30 and I dare say a 28 would also fit me.   The waist is fine, I imagine they would just...
Im selling this amazing wash as I have to accept that Krooley just isnt my cut.  The wash is amazing, as anyone who owns these will tell you.   I have worn these once, but that is all. I still have the D.N.A. Tags that came with them, as you can see in the photos.   Im asking £135 including shipping to anywhere in the world.   PM if you are interested.
Thanks guys for the comments and the advice!   I had Tepphar 8Y9 in a 32 to begin with but they seemed to stretch so much around the waist, so I got them again in a 31 and started again. I used a Pumice stone around the seems, stitching and pockets to give them some quick wear! Worked well I think.   The All Saints shirt is a small, but it is fairly fitted. Ideally I would need a medium for my chest and arms but then it would be too long and make me look like a...
@ Numa1978   Awesome Thavars, they look great. Im still trying to get a pair on sale (30x30 or 31x30) Anyone know anywhere that has them?    @ outlandon   They look awesome, keep them for sure!     A few outfits to report....   All Saints Tonic Scoop (X2 - Layered) New Krooley Joggs Vans True White        River Island Jumper Turbo Tepphar 8Y9 (Tried some DIY on them as I was impatient) Adidas Tweed Trainers        And...
Pair of Thanaz 71B   Size 31/34   Good condition, slim fit pair of jeans. Too long for me so I am selling.    Pictures to be added Saturday.   Asking £150 shipped anywehere   PM for details or if your interested.
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