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Sinstar 'Survivor' Tee Shioner 880W  Vans Italian Black Leather     
I keep checking by the day. Pretty pointless though as I imagine I will get the email....the warning......
Nice, i like the rolled up look and dont even think Narrot is a bad cut. I would think about some slimmer shoes though with rolled up jeans. (just a personal opinion).
Before I post a couple of outfits, just wanted to say 'Cheers' for all the positive comments regarding the Leather Black Bow Tie and then The All Saints Leather jacket. Guess they were both instant hit with you guys!   All Saints 'Tonic Scoop' Koolet 8NG Paul Smith 'Swami' sandals        All Saints 'Reims 3/4 Crew' Thavar 8880m (First Wear) Paul Smith 'Musa' Leather pumps        This is the first time I wore these, having just picked them...
Thanks for that! I had no idea. Ill guve it a try, want to see what tees and jackets are on sale. Does anyone know which denim will carry over to AW12?
Awesome! Can you post a link to the US site so i can have a look? It always directs me to the UK site when i try!
These are great jeans, I ordered a pair as soon as I saw them online and I love them.  The only place I know has them is utter-nutter.com, but unsure if they ship to Australia or if they have your size. They were fairly hard to get hold of even when they were in season, only a couple of websites I found had them, other people may disagree.
@ ming   I think your legs were designed for Diesel. Both you Thavar and Krooley look excellent.   @ karacho   Awesome to see the Farco. Lookin good, as always. Another one with legs designed for Diesel :-)   Diesel 'Wire' jacket Sinstar 'Her name was Daisy' Tee Thanaz 8QP Vans Italian Black Leather        WhenI got home, I swapped my Diesel jacket and put my All Saints Leather on to take a few shots for another HF'er......   @...
From wht i understand (i bought these jeans from ebay), the dark line down the outside of te jeans is were the outer seems have been pulled apart. Not sure if that would mean the value would be compromised, but the price is open to negotiation.
So the sales in Europe will be in the next two weeks for the public?
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