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Brand New Diesel Braddom 660R   31x30 - Tags Still attached.   Part of the new season range from Diesel. These jeans are amazing but Braddom is not my cut.   £135, shipped.   PM me if your interested. I will combine shipping.
Outfit 1: Pretty Green 3 Pocket Hooded Jacket (First Wear) Ted Baker Polkadot Polo Tepphar 8NA Cheap Deck Shoes   Outfit 2: Diesel Denim Shirt Diesel Krooley Joggs Vans True White       
@ levislad To be honest, it sounds worse than it is. Im always buying and selling so I have money in my paypal account that im forever playing around with. Im forever down the post office to send things ive sold, and I pretty much never pay full price for anything. Those 5 pairs ive got coming I got them all at around 50% off, and if they dont fit, I will sell again. Lol. It is a lot of messing about, but im still living at home as well so *no commitments* haha.
I think I need to try them on then and see if I need them. Having said that, Ive got Thanaz 888I and 888Q, Braddom 660R, Shioner 802A and Thavar 801D on the way. Dont think I have much money left for anything else... Pics to follow as soon as I get them...
@ Dunlah   Im not too familiar with how Shioner differ from Safado, as I only have one pair of Safado and they are cut off shorts. I know that Shioner is slimmer in the lower legs and at the ankle. Maybe one of the Safado experts can help??   @ levislad   Cheers Lee, appreciate your appreciation for my style. ha. I went through a phase of having loads of graphic tees, mostly from all saints, but im trying to go for a more 'clean-cut' style at the moment,...
Yeah, All Saints fits similar to Diesel. Having said that, I take a Small or Medium with Diesel Tees and Tops but only an Extra Small in All Saints Tees and Small with their shirts! As Phukette says, it is a more 'regular' fit...   @ baltimore - Cool 882d. I wish Krooley fit me like it fits you. I think it is actually a really good looking cut, but its not slim enough for me and sits too high on my waist! They always seem to release a lot of the cool washes in...
Really? Im not a huge fan of how they fit on my thighs. They make them look massive. I appreciate your comments none the less Lee! :-)   But yeah they are the only pair I have. 8YM and a couple of other pairs have come and made a short stay in my wardrobe, but they are to wide on the lower leg!
Ted Baker UPANDUP Print Tee Tepphar 8W3 Vans True White        Cheap Blue Tee Safado 8AA shorts (Saf-Short - If Diesel were to sell)  Vans True White    
No I never wear a belt with them. Partly because I dont need one as they are elasticated, and partyly because I dont think they look right with a belt, as they have the draw strings.
@ Ramirez   I dont think Diesel NL will ship to the UK will they!?   @ wediner   Thanks for the comments bud! These are the second pair of Krooley joggs I have owned, and to be honest they dont really fit like Krooley.   They are slim with not much room on my legs, although super comfy. I would get a 28 if I were you. I am usually a 31 in Krooley but these are a 30 and I dare say a 28 would also fit me.   The waist is fine, I imagine they would just...
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