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Definitely 880W Amazing wash, one of the best in the last few years!
Im in the same boat! I post a lot of fit pics in the WAYWT thread and I have to stand in a certain way, and also shoot from a certain angle so I kinda hide it. But regardless of the cuts I wear (Thanaz, Shioner, Darron, Tepphar, Krooley and Thavar), the thigh is always slim. I know there are all slimmer cuts but on occassion I have had to buy a bigger waist size just to get them over my legs.    Never considered switching brands though, like Diesel too much!
All Saints 'Ruck Leather Jacket  Primark Tee  Tepphar 8PK (31x32) River Island Deck Shoes   @ Denim Collector + anyone else who is interested   I have also included a picture of my patched up tear on the lower leg of the Tepphar. Its quite easy to put your foot through the hole if you slip them on in a hurry, as I found out last week. Ive used some light blue fabric (just about visible) to patch it up and I think it actually makes them look quite...
@ Denim Collector I will post pics of the tepphar when I get home! @ autodafe I kinda felt the same with the pocket darts on Shioner. I never saw a pair IRL though before I ordered my 880W online. Now i have 3 pairs and I actually think the pocket darts are quite a unique touch @ jeanetic Have you seen the 74y IRL? Some pictures do make it look good/bad. I saw them in my local store an they are amazing. Def next on my list.
@ Denim Collector   I actually got this Tee on ebay, some guy was knockin them out for £14.99 about 6 months back. Wondered what he was playing at but didnt complain!   Cheers for the info. I think I may look into the Shioner 8PN then. I got rid of my Thanaz 71J and the idea was to spend the cash on a similar light blue wash for the summer. I think Im definitely going to get the 74Z but I will look out for 8PN too. And yeah, who cares if they are tigh on the...
@ Denim Collector   I think these look awesome on you. I have read a lot about the wash, how do you rate it?
@ karacho   Those Thavars look great. Having said that, I dont think I have ever seen you look badly in a pair of jeans. Thavar 8ne have been on my list for over a year now,but as time has gone on and Diesel have released so many awesome washes this season, they have kinda gone to the back of my mind. Bearing in mind what else is now available for similar money, would you say they are worth me getting?   @ Phukette   I got them for £105 at Pavillion Clothing....
Thanaz 880k look good! Im a little bit indecisive. When i first saw them online I didnt think they were anything special. Then i saw them in a local store so ordered them online. They are a cool wash but I sent them back. Even though I got them on sale at £100, I still thought it was too much. Any thoughts?
  Can anyone help with this Tee......? Name and where I can get it other than the Diesel Online Store?
Yeah..Definite Tepphar Fanatic! So hard to rank though, I think the 8NA is a little underrated. When it appeared on asos I just loved the shade of blue so had to have them! 8W3 is cool, dressed up or down as well. 8QS is probably my least favourite as its just a light blue with not much to it - I tend to wear it with my barbour jacket and a pair of deck shoes.   I think I probably like my 8PK and 881W though the most. Awesome wash on both pairs but just not as...
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