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What was is you had? I have missed the listings!!!
I actually have them in size 31, the grey version. I will post pics but i think i may sell them.
Haha, thanks for the comments guys. I had a staff training day when I wore the 8x2. Depends what you mean by bad dress day. In my girlfriends eyes, my leopard print Adidas x JS tracksuit jacket falls into this category, along with my leather bow tie. Got the Adidas x JS 'guitar' track top on the way. Thats really goina embarass her, its bright pink!!
Ted Baker UpandUp Tee Pretty Green 3 Pocket hooded Jacket Thavar 8X2 Vans Navy and Brown       Got 3 of my 5 new pairs today (Shioner 801a, Braddom 660r and Thavar 801d).  I will post fit pics when I get my other 2 new pairs. The Braddom are in the mall though, my first pair and just not my cut :-(
Diesel Thavar 880m   30x32   Awesome wash, only selling as I have them in another size.   PM me if your interested, I will combine shipping.
Diesel Thavar 8X2   30x30   One of, if not the best wash Diesel have produced over the last few seasons. Aweseom detailing and distressing throughout the jeans.   £140, shipped.   PM me if your interested, I will combine Shipping.
Brand New Diesel Braddom 660R   31x30 - Tags Still attached.   Part of the new season range from Diesel. These jeans are amazing but Braddom is not my cut.   £135, shipped.   PM me if your interested. I will combine shipping.
Outfit 1: Pretty Green 3 Pocket Hooded Jacket (First Wear) Ted Baker Polkadot Polo Tepphar 8NA Cheap Deck Shoes   Outfit 2: Diesel Denim Shirt Diesel Krooley Joggs Vans True White       
@ levislad To be honest, it sounds worse than it is. Im always buying and selling so I have money in my paypal account that im forever playing around with. Im forever down the post office to send things ive sold, and I pretty much never pay full price for anything. Those 5 pairs ive got coming I got them all at around 50% off, and if they dont fit, I will sell again. Lol. It is a lot of messing about, but im still living at home as well so *no commitments* haha.
I think I need to try them on then and see if I need them. Having said that, Ive got Thanaz 888I and 888Q, Braddom 660R, Shioner 802A and Thavar 801D on the way. Dont think I have much money left for anything else... Pics to follow as soon as I get them...
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