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Pair of Thanaz 71J   Size 30/34   Good condition, slim fit pair of jeans. Too long for me so I am selling.    Pictures to be added Saturday.   Asking £195 shipped anywehere   PM for details or if your interested.
@ QuantumEdge,   Great Tepphar. I guess we have similar tastes. From the first second I saw them on asos way back in February last year, I had to have them. Thought the wash was amazing, and when I got them they didn't disappoint. They look great on you, glad you managed to get them. They seem to be an under rated wash/cut combo on the forum?   @ Gpoop   Great Thavar 888p and Clarks Desert Boots. Both still on my list to pick up. Hoping to grab both in the...
Diesel Thanaz 71J   33X32   Pictures to be uploaded.   Excellent condition, Looking for £150 for them. I willing to post anywhere so price plus shipping is very much negotiable.   PM me if your interested. :-)
Yesterday....   Stripey Tee Thavar 880m Paul Smith Swami Sandals       Then it got cold.......   Diesel Jomesson Jacket (Currently on eBay) Vans Black Italian Leather       Then Today....   Diesel denim shirt Sunstar 'United by Sin' Tee Topman drop srocth Shorts Paul Smith Trainers       Inevitably it then rained heavily whilst I was out. No second outfit though, I just went back to bed.
Diesel Darron 8K2 Blkue Eyecon. Size 28/32. Condition: The info has rubbed off the patch on the inside of the waistband, and the bright orange re-enforcement has been replaced with a baby blue material (I think it looked better). Other than that, really good condition.   Excellent blue pair of jeans, too small for me now!
Fair enough Jeanetic. I was just expecting a bright blue colour, as my plan was to get these with the money I made from the sale of my 71J, so I wanted a kind if like for like.  I will definitely be trying to get another pair, hopefully they will go into sale on Diesel soon..
Yeah thats what I thought. I have a pair saved in my ebay that some guy sold ages ago and I was comparing my pair with his pictures, and also with those Tovani posted. Everything matches up in terms of the cut. The colour is just horrendous. I think I will have to sell them then. Hopefully they will go into sale from Diesel and ill try again.
Thanks baltimore...   Are you 100%? What factors make you say they are real (just curious). The colour of mine is nothing like those 'blue' pics on ssense which it what I was hoping for....
I just received my Shioner 74Z in the post from a seller on ebay in France. Not only does he seem to have several SS12 pairs for sale, he is selling them at a fraction of retail and does not include any actual pictures in his listings....   Here are his current listings.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/alexkikobaja2011/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686   Although he was selling 74Z at around 80euro as a Buy now, I managed to pick up a pair he was...
Hi guys,   I just wanted to revisit this thread as I know youve got Shioner 74Z (tovani). I just received mine in the post from a guy on ebay and really struggling to determine the authenticity. I have just set up a New thread so any info/opinions would be extremely grateful, from anyone....
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