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@ zdenal_cz My Tepphar 8NA are a 30x30, and my Jogg jeans are also a 30 but come in a standard length. I am about 5'8 so need a 30 inch leg wherever possible. Hope this helps.
Quite right Dieselicious I waited for it to go on sale and picked it up for £29.99 at fallenhero.com. My only nag is that there are no holes, so tou have to push through the weave when tightening. Im sure it will damage over time. Thanks for the comments guys!
Pretty Green 3 Pocket Hooded Jacket Sinstar 'UNITED' Tee Shioner 801a (First wear) Diesel 'Idol' Boots          This is my first wear and I absolutely love these. The latter pictures demonstrate the true colour. Awesome IMO...
What was is you had? I have missed the listings!!!
I actually have them in size 31, the grey version. I will post pics but i think i may sell them.
Haha, thanks for the comments guys. I had a staff training day when I wore the 8x2. Depends what you mean by bad dress day. In my girlfriends eyes, my leopard print Adidas x JS tracksuit jacket falls into this category, along with my leather bow tie. Got the Adidas x JS 'guitar' track top on the way. Thats really goina embarass her, its bright pink!!
Ted Baker UpandUp Tee Pretty Green 3 Pocket hooded Jacket Thavar 8X2 Vans Navy and Brown       Got 3 of my 5 new pairs today (Shioner 801a, Braddom 660r and Thavar 801d).  I will post fit pics when I get my other 2 new pairs. The Braddom are in the mall though, my first pair and just not my cut :-(
Diesel Thavar 880m   30x32   Awesome wash, only selling as I have them in another size.   PM me if your interested, I will combine shipping.
Diesel Thavar 8X2   30x30   One of, if not the best wash Diesel have produced over the last few seasons. Aweseom detailing and distressing throughout the jeans.   £140, shipped.   PM me if your interested, I will combine Shipping.
Brand New Diesel Braddom 660R   31x30 - Tags Still attached.   Part of the new season range from Diesel. These jeans are amazing but Braddom is not my cut.   £135, shipped.   PM me if your interested. I will combine shipping.
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