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Diesel Thanaz 8SV   30x32   Please see pictures for condition of the jeans.   I will ship anywhere, please contact me for postage costs to your country   PM me if you are interested.
I have several pair of jeans for sale, all are on ebay and the listing go live tonight at around 7pm (UK time).....     Darron 8W7 Stretch (28x30)   Safado 882B (28x32)       Although these are on auction, I am open to offers on each pair. If ship wordwide but I ALWAYS obtain either a signature or a tracking number. So please bare this in mind when askinmg for shipping costs.   PM me if you are interested.   Thanks
I tried to place an order last night but it would not let me. I am in the UK, and my postcode that I entered was invalid. I presume it is for Italy only :-(
Will they ship to the UK?
I knew that last one would cause a bit of a stir. Ive got a bit of a callling towards some of the mental Adidas stuff. Ive got quite a collection but I dont tend to wear any of it very often. That was the first time I wore the guitar TT.   @ Aahz   Cool outfits man, really like the blazer look that youve often got going on! Scenery is amazing also...   @ El-Nino   Love your 881W, got these myself, Incredible pair of jeans.   @ karacho   Think I...
Two Completely Contrastine outfits here....   Sinstar 'UNITED' tee Frederick Alexanderson Cardigan Shioner 801A (31x30) All Saints 'Venice' Boots       Adidas Jeremy Scott 'Guitar' TT Tepphar 887V (31x30) Vans True White          
Thanks to all of you that left positive comments! Really appreciate it..       @ Dieselolic   Love your Thavar 888P. So jealous, I have wanted these for ages and NewYorkSpeed just sold out in my size! :-(   Got my Krooley 880W Friday (purely as a result of seeing how good they looked on another HF'er a couple of weeks back). I have had them before, but here goes.....       They were so stiff when they arrived, which is good as I like the 3D creasing...
@ Dieselolic   Nice Shioner, these look awesome on you.    All Saints 'Post Command' Leather Jacket Diesel Denim Shirt Wrap-around from Debenhams Tepphar 8Y0  Nike Low Vintage Blazer       
Pretty Green 'Navy 3 Pocket Hooded Jacket'. Ted Baker polkadot polo. Tepphar 8QS Cheap Boat Shoes        Matalan Jumper Thavar 8880M Navy Vans                    
@ karacho   Love the shirt and jeans combos. Especially a fan of the 888P. I got to these ASAP, just hoping NewYorkSpeed dont sell the 31/30 that they have.   @ PJBUK   Nice Teppphar, still debating whether to get either these or Darron in the 880R cut, especially in light of me now owning Thvar 8NE........   @ ming   Like the cut and colour of the jeans, not sure about the stars and the design around the crotch though. Am I the only...
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