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Few outfits to report.... Farah 'Alvin Tee                                                  Sinstar 'Bulletproof' Tee                                               River Island Tee Krooley 888R (31x30)                                         Shioner 8X8 (30x32)                                                    Diesel Jhima Jacket Nike Blazer Low Vintage                                     Vans True White                                                         ...
Been away for a while, apologies for not going through all the posts I have missed, Sure everyone looks great.... Today..   SUIT Polkadot Button-Up All Saints Tonic Crew (Oxblood) Tepphar 8W3 Nike Blazer        
Yo...   So I have been away for a while, perks of being a teacher means I get to do what I like for 6 weeks over the summer :-D Back into the swing of things now though, and figured before I dive back into the WAYWT forum, I would post some fit pics of my new AW12 jeans and see what yall think....   1. Shioner 801A (31x30) Worn with All Saints Tonic Crew, Diesel Belt, Paul Smith Leather Trainers.       Some of you may have seen me post a fit pic of...
Diesel Tepphar 8Y0   Size 30x30, only selling as these seem to be a little bit tighter than my other Tepphar in the same size.   Asking £100 shipped anywhere.   PM me if your interested.   Many Thanks
These jeans are brand new with tags stil attached. Bought for me as a gift from the USA, $348 still on the tag.   Asking £140 shipped anywhere.   PM me if your interested.   Thanks
These Jeans are brand new and still have the tags on. From the current season, bought as a gift but Darron is not my cut.   Asking £120 shipped anywhere.   PM if your interested.   Thanks
I tried to get hold of a pair of these. I always thought Covent Garden was the flagship, but not sure if this changed as apparently the flagship is now on Bond Street. I called Bond Street, they knew what they were but told me they never got them, and only Selfridges got them. So I tried Selfridges, they had them on sale at £147, but not in my size. So....I would try Selfridges, Oxford Street.   Please let me know how you get on if you try the other stores as I am...
I need a short leg? Dont think they have them?
Morning chaps, or afternoon/evening as it may be where you are....   Apologies for creating an entire new thread but its the best way to reach everyone.   Ive been looking for ages for Thavar 880m (not 8880m) and Thavar 8NE in a 30x30. Im hoping someone may live near an outlet and wouldnt mind getting them for me (I will pay fees) if available?   Im aware I can get 8NE on ebay but its £165 which I think is too much.   Can anyone help? Feel free to PM me...
Diesel Thavar 8QU   Size 32, with a standard 32 inch leg.   PM me if interested.
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