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Thanks @ Grag   I have looked at @ JasonLovesZathan's post a few times and managed to use that technique on the hems of my Krooley 8X9 (When I had them) and last night, my Tepphar 8Y9 Turbos. I have some pictures of my DIY that I am going to post later. Only problem is, you can only use this method on the hems and I am really into the whole twisted look that Diesel adds to the jeans.  I think they come twisted but if they are worn and continually washed, the shape...
Thanks for the comments guys. Apologies for the huge delay, I seem to have completely forgotten about this thread and justs tumbled across it...   @ Dieselicious   Yeah thats a fair point. Theres nothing worse than waiting for a sale then finding out you cant get your size. My Chi-Tights have since grown on me even more, definitely think they will stand the test of time.   @ Levislad   Ha! Hope you had a good summer too. Lookin Good in the WAYWT...
Thanks for the help with the DBG 8ML Guys. Unfortunately I am either a 30 or 31. I looked through that post by @ zdenal_cz but I am unsure if he is selling or if he was just posting pictures of the fit etc....   @ ming   Thavar look awesome, got them on my wishlist. You must have a long leg length? They look exactly as they should, and nothing like any of my Thavar look on me. haha.   Today....   Pretty Green Polkadot Windbreaker Preety Green Paisley...
@ Alexhr   Those are awesome. What are they, Diesel Black Gold 8ML? Do you know where I can get them?   @ karacho   Love the 880m, I actually wore mine Sunday too but didnt get a fit pic. I find them quite hard to match into an outfit due to all the rips and details. They look cool on you!   Today......   Diesel 'Jaylin' Jacket Tee from Burton Thavar 8X2 (30x30) Navy Vans         
Diesel Thanaz 8SV   30x32   Please see pictures for condition of the jeans.   I will ship anywhere, please contact me for postage costs to your country   PM me if you are interested.
I have several pair of jeans for sale, all are on ebay and the listing go live tonight at around 7pm (UK time).....     Darron 8W7 Stretch (28x30)   Safado 882B (28x32)       Although these are on auction, I am open to offers on each pair. If ship wordwide but I ALWAYS obtain either a signature or a tracking number. So please bare this in mind when askinmg for shipping costs.   PM me if you are interested.   Thanks
I tried to place an order last night but it would not let me. I am in the UK, and my postcode that I entered was invalid. I presume it is for Italy only :-(
Will they ship to the UK?
I knew that last one would cause a bit of a stir. Ive got a bit of a callling towards some of the mental Adidas stuff. Ive got quite a collection but I dont tend to wear any of it very often. That was the first time I wore the guitar TT.   @ Aahz   Cool outfits man, really like the blazer look that youve often got going on! Scenery is amazing also...   @ El-Nino   Love your 881W, got these myself, Incredible pair of jeans.   @ karacho   Think I...
Two Completely Contrastine outfits here....   Sinstar 'UNITED' tee Frederick Alexanderson Cardigan Shioner 801A (31x30) All Saints 'Venice' Boots       Adidas Jeremy Scott 'Guitar' TT Tepphar 887V (31x30) Vans True White          
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