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@ baltimore   Thanks for the info! No I still have not got 8ne yet, Im still looking for a 30x30 with no luck. I picked up Krooley 882d last week in a 30x30 but I think I may sell them. Not my cut, just being optimistic with Krooley again!
@ freeradical82   The reason they dont show up is becuase the jeans are not labelled by wash or cut. Its really annoying trying to find anything on yoox.   @ baltimore   Many Thanks, I  checked out the links. So gutted that they never seem to stock a 30 leg. Anybody know why?
@ baltimore   Can you link me to 8ne and 880w?
Glad to see your enjoying you Thavar 880m Lee!   Havn't posted in a while so heres a couple of outfits....   Fred Perry x Liberty Polo Chino Shorts River Island Deck Shoes       Farah 'Alvin' Tee Shioner 801a Clarks 'Jink'    
As Quettingen said, the pictures are a fair reflection of the wash. I would definitely say you should try them on first as anyone will tell you how stiff the fabric is.
Brand New Diesel Thavar 801D.Just released for the upcoming season...    Size 31   Bought for me as a gift but the standard leg is too long for me.   Fantastic colour, can be seen here in more detail.....   http://store.diesel.com/gb/skinny_cod42255738re.html (They are the grey ones)   Asking £175 or nearest offer, shipped anywhere. Please see my feedback. I take pride in shipping promptly so you get your jeans asap.   PM me if your interested.....
Ramirez - Sweet Thavar, they all look awesome on you. Clocked the pic of you in your chinos and denim shirt and thought it was me! :-D
I feel im on the verge of overtaking this thread....   Chunky Grey Cardigan All Saints 'Los Paragueros' T-shirt (cut into a vest) Shioner 74Y Vans Italian Leather    
@ zdenal_cz My Tepphar 8NA are a 30x30, and my Jogg jeans are also a 30 but come in a standard length. I am about 5'8 so need a 30 inch leg wherever possible. Hope this helps.
Quite right Dieselicious I waited for it to go on sale and picked it up for £29.99 at fallenhero.com. My only nag is that there are no holes, so tou have to push through the weave when tightening. Im sure it will damage over time. Thanks for the comments guys!
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