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Here are a few from the last few days - including my new Sleenker 826Z that I wore tonight.... All Saints Fremont Denim Jacket Pretty Green Knitted Polo Paisley Scarf Tepphar 8W3 Legend Boots NEXT Tee Shioner 880W Nike Wardour Diesel Jump-RS Tee Diesel Sweesty Denim Shirt Vintage Cardigan Tepphar 820Q Diesel Idol Boots River Island Knit Pretty Green 3 Pocket Hooded Jacket Sleenker 826Z Clarks Originals Duty Desert
I looked at the photo on instagram and left a comment asking how certain the guy was that Shioner was being discontinued. He said that it was definite as corporate had informed staff and he works for Diesel. He also said that Tepphar will be retired at the same time!
@ sanmiguel80 - got them at usc.com @ levislad - will get some fit pics in the next couple of days 😀
Sleenker 826Z and 886Z delivered today. From what I can make out from first impressions, 826Z is a mix between 8W7 and 8NA. Will definitely be keeping them - real nice blue wash for only £110 plus 20% Student Discount so they cost me £88.
Payment Pending
No - Don't buy anything
Hiya mate, never bought from them online but I have been one if their stores before. Perfectly legitimate just cannot comment about online service!
The Blue Eyecon label simply means that the wash of the jeans will go through a process of greater length in order to create. Each pair are hand made - althouh many of Diesels normal washes are hand made and individual to each pair anyway. Prices tend to be £180 upwards and they all come with the usual features that we are aware of; the blue tag on inside of waist, blue rivet on coin pocket, blue leather patch om back waist and the blue text on the price tag. Personally...
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