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Today...   Pretty Green '3 Pocket Navy Hooded Jacket' Diesel 'Wearny' Shirt All Saints 'Tonic Crew' Paul Smith Scarf Thanaz 8880L (31x30) - First Wear Vans Navy and Brown           
Thanks for the comments team, if anyone is interested, I picked them up half price at QuickModa in Italy.....   http://www.quickmoda.com/jeans-uomo/jeans-cyki-krooley-diesel-216.html?idp=1   Only 30 or 36 left though.....
Hahaha Love that @ Aahz   Got my new 802Q joggs and Exposure hi-tops yesterday, here are the pics...   Worland Paisley Tee Suit Polkadot Button up Sweater Krooley 802Q Jogg Jeans Diesel Magnete Exposure Navy Leather        I took a punt on the shoes, I won them on ebay for £14.99, but actually really like them. I wasnt as excited about the Joggs as I though I would be. I think its another case of the stock photos being a little bit of a...
I have a Brand New 31x30 in the marketplace if it is of any interest.
@ Locky   Lookin Good. Im waiting for my new pair of Shioner 880W from the same seller at the moment. Hope they are as nice as yours.   @ Aahz   Love the All Saints jacket mate, really sharp. Thought I might have picked one up in the sales when I saw yours, so found it online. Decided againts it when I saw how much it was!!   Yesterday   Scotch and Soda Sweater Krooley 800B Jogg Jeans Nike Oasis Tweed       Today   Zara Brown Denim...
I also had a pair from the SAME SELLER.    They were Shioner 74Z. The size came up larger, and the wash was aweful. If you search you may be able to find the thread. The guy sells real jeans but as previously stated, they are all seconds I believe, and this is why he offers them at such a discounted rate.
Thavar 8NE Stretch....   http://www.yoox.com/uk/42270902OG/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42270902OG&sizeId=   If anyone finds these in a 30L on Yoox can they let me know? I ask because Tepphar 881W in a 30L was posted on here, and when I clicked the link I could see them. But when I searched manually on Yoox they did not come up.   Also, I only recently found out that 8Ne came in a stretch and non stretch wash. Is this right?
Been away for a while, had two weeks off work. No structure and more alcohol meant I was rarely online, and if I was, I couldnt see clearly ;-)   Back to work now though so the concentration is back. Hope everyone had a good one, all is looking well in the pics...   Diesel Reversible Top (Forget the name) Paul Smith Shirt/Jacket Shioner 801A (31X30) Diesel Expoiak Low Trainers       The top is gold, not yellow. I have been after these trainers...
Want:   Darron 809V Shioner 806N Krooley 811P
Apologies, not been on here much over Christmas.   These should be available in each of the different flagship stores around the world., The wash will be the same, but the name will alter slightly dependant on country (Thavar-UK, Thavar-US etc). If stores dont have them it will probably because they havnt taken delivery yet.   @ Levislad   I will get some fit pics tomorrow, I will make sure I wear them for work!
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