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@ levislad   Where did you get them mate? 
@ Aahz and @ Aramis and @ zdenal_cz   Thanks for your input with the Excess 8ML info. I called one of only 2 Diesel outlets (that I know of) in the UK earlier, and they had once pair left which were a 31 inch waist. upposed to be £105 but theyve got a 20% promotion on so I took them. Not sure what version they will be (having read your comments earlier) but I am hoping they will fit and I will be pleased with them! Cost me £90 with shipping, pics to follow as soon...
Lee, Nice fit! Ive been after those for a while now.   Just a quick one, where did you find that conversion rate? ($360usd = £165)
    @ Denim Collector   Love the Excess. Amazing Pair.   A couple of outfits....   Paul Smith Shirt/Jacket Fred Perry polkadot Shirt Tepphar 8NA 'Legend' Boots        Adidas Track Top Tee from Primark Thanaz 880F Nike Oasis                             
Brand New with Tags still attached.   Incredible pair, only selling as I need a larger size.   The retail on these was around £300 I believe?    PM me if your interested, £120 shipped ONO   Will ship worldwide.   Thanks
Can anyone ID these Thavar......   http://www.yoox.com/uk/42281571RK/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42281571RK&sizeId=   Thanks :-)
Completely New with tags,   I would keep these if they fit, Incredible pair.   I will ship anywhere for £120   PM me if your interested.   Thanks :-)
Good outfits Team...   Especially liking the Shioners on @ Phukette.   Great outfits on @ El-Nino, and Aahz too.   @PJBUK - Prefer the Thavar 801C on you. New Fanker look good I just orefer the slimmer cut :-)   Today....   Diesel 'Juzicon' Jogg Jacket Sinstar Tee Tepphar 8W3 (32x30) Nike Blazer ID (First Wear).             They are a bit nutty but I like them!        
Thavar 888P For Sale   These are too big for me, Ideally I need a 30 or 32 so trades are welcome.   Asking for $220, which I think is fair? PM me to negotiate.   I will ship anywhere.   Thanks
Brand New with tags fully attached,   Beautiful pair of jeans from Diesel Black Gold Range.   I have these in a 28 or 29 inch waist. Please message me for exact measurements,   £79 plus shipping   PM me with any interest, I will ship anywhere.   Thanks
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