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@ Locky   From what your saying, you sound a bit like me. Sometimes you find amazing washes that you go for, but in reality, you just like looking at them and you never really wear them. I had that with Krooley 8X9, Zathan 772 (way back in the day) and Larkee 8PR (more recently). I loved all of these washes, but for varying reasons, I never wore the jeans. Im also an 'every shade of blue' guy. I would advise that you sell, if not it will forever bug you....
Thavar 811P - Awesome news, great start to the weekend.
Krooley NE-BPX Joggs For Sale..   I have worn these once, I posted a pic i the WDAYWT thread on the day I wore them. Since then, they have just sat in my wardrobe.   Retailed at £180   PM me if you are interested in these.   Thanks
Strange, I also had Krooley 8YM and it was not a Blue Eyecon...
I have never bought from this site but I am sure it is a scam im afraid! I have read similar stories (on here possibly) where websites like this (using the brand name in the URL) have sent the wrong jeans and not sorted it out!
I have had my eye on them for a while, but it couldnt justify spending £180 on them when they were in season. I picked them up from a Diesel outlet over the phone, they were on sale at £40. Chuffed with them, especially for that price. They are definitely a summer wash but I wanted to wear them today as they arrived yesterday!   Im after Shioner 8PN too, they are like goldust!
Today...   Pretty Green '3 Pocket Navy Hooded Jacket' Diesel 'Wearny' Shirt All Saints 'Tonic Crew' Paul Smith Scarf Thanaz 8880L (31x30) - First Wear Vans Navy and Brown           
Thanks for the comments team, if anyone is interested, I picked them up half price at QuickModa in Italy.....   http://www.quickmoda.com/jeans-uomo/jeans-cyki-krooley-diesel-216.html?idp=1   Only 30 or 36 left though.....
Hahaha Love that @ Aahz   Got my new 802Q joggs and Exposure hi-tops yesterday, here are the pics...   Worland Paisley Tee Suit Polkadot Button up Sweater Krooley 802Q Jogg Jeans Diesel Magnete Exposure Navy Leather        I took a punt on the shoes, I won them on ebay for £14.99, but actually really like them. I wasnt as excited about the Joggs as I though I would be. I think its another case of the stock photos being a little bit of a...
I have a Brand New 31x30 in the marketplace if it is of any interest.
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