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Thanks for your response bud. This clears up a lot for me as I had no idea about the indian head tag, and it isnt present on the jeans I sold him.   However.... I have just looked at all my other BG jeans I have for sale and none of them have the indian head, just the small microstitching tag! I will pass this info onto the buyer!   thanks @demonstrative, hopefully others can also back me up from the forum! :-)
He has just sent me some images of his DBG jeans, explaining why he thinks the ones I sent him are fake. Here are the pics of his....                The first two pics are of his DBG. The others are of the ones I sold him. Granted, the button is missing so I have offered him some money to have it re-attached. As far as I can gather, he believes they are fake because the tag with the indian godhead on is not white. Also, you can see that the rivets holding...
Evening Team, Im asking a massive favour in hoping as many of you as possible can cast your opinions on the authenticity of these jeans. They are Diesel Black Gold Excess 81C and I sold them on ebay to a buyer in Norway. Here are the pictures I posted of the jeans on the eBay....             The buyer has messaged me today to alert me that the button came off when he touched it, and he is also adamant that they are Fake, due to the following...
No worries, and apologies for cross-posting AGAIN....   Thavar 813L (ECOM or Thavar UK as mine are)....          Get your 811P pics up here!!!!
I love them. I knew they were going to be released, but I had no info on the wash. I just happened to be in London very soon after the Store got them, and unless they were terrible, I was always going to pick them up!
No worries man!
I had had 8B9 in Thavar, Jodar and Darron but not anymore. Im not much of a fan of the wash as it seemed to be a fairly mainstreem wash in terms of high street stores stocking it in the UK, so I saw many people wearing that was when I was out and about. On top of that, Diesel seem to have carried it over for several seasons now, and personally I would spend the £100 on getting a more special wash.   Having said that, thats just my opinion and you should get the one...
Ive got the ECOM (813L) already from the London Store and Im definitely going to get the 811P. Awesome wash. Thanks for the pics Dieselolic!
I bought these from asos but they went back last week. The asos pics are fairly accurate, with that kinda ice blue fading on the front. For me personally, they were too much like 8b9 and I didnt think they were worth keeping :-(
  Jeans all listed on ebay to gain interest. Happy to sell straight through paypal and will send as gift to avoid import tax.   I have had many transactions with members of this forum, never with any issues. Please see my feedback.   Contact me if you are interested in any of the pairs.   :-)
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