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So I got my Thavar 811P a couple of days ago. Had a friend sort me out as he was in the US! Here is a couple of photos for anyone interested....        
I personally think that 810X is another one of those washes where the idea of them is actually better than they really are. Yeah they are different and rare, but im not a particulae fan of the colours and it will be more difficult to wear it with other things.   Just my opinion though :-)
I would say 811P too.   I own the 813L UK Edition and will ahve Thavar 811P by the end of the week. I have ony seen 811P in Krooley IRL so far but I much prefer the blue wash. The 813L is more of a green wash when compared to 811P, and although I love them, I wouldnt have bought them (especilly at £210) if they were not exclusive.   I can post pictures showing a comparison if you like?
Highly recommend, love Shioner cut and the wash is amazing. One of the best IMO. Only issue with these is that they differ from pair to pair so you could hot the Jackpot and get a great pair or they could be horrific. Ive had 2 in Krooley and 2 in Shioner with mixed results.
It is true, honest :-D 
Agreed :-D
If someone in a Diesel store in France has told you they wont be getting them, you can bet that that they will not be available at all direct from Diesel, stores or online throughout the whole of Europe. I personally cant see them popping up online now, I think they would have been available already.   The best bet for everybody is to regularly search the internet and hope that some independent retailers in Europe get them in. The other issue finding them online is...
Basically, each individual retailer all over the globe have the choice of what they stock. My mate used to run an independent clothes shop locally, only small, but his boss went down to the buy in fo Diesel each season and could choose exactly what they wanted (although there was a minimum spend).   So its not a case of them not being available in specific countries. As you all probably know, Diesel release a wide range of jeans for each season, yet some of which you...
@ Phukette, Aahz and Raj Hardia   Loving the outfits, you all look awesome.   Double Denim is the way forward. Its got out of hand for me though, to start with it was just the jeans but when Diesel continue to bring out shirts, denim jackets and more recently sweatshirts in different denim washes, I end up wanting those too. I guess the best rule to go with is to wear either dark up top and light at the bottom, or vice versa.    Sometimes I have just though...
Some More Double Denim Today.....   Diesel Rooby Shirt Tepphar 887V Vans Navy               
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