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Thats how Karacho rolls, he looks good in everything. :-D
Yep, Phukette is right.   It may be also good to know that the website store and the actual stores do not carry the same collections too.   A flagship store will carry the entire 'store' collection for that region, but the website will still have a lot more as the stores do not buy everything in.
Diesel Tepphar NE Jogg Jeans 800B   Size 30   Brand New and unworn.   These retailed at £190 and now unavailable anywhere.   Asking £130 ONO. I will deliver anywhere but I will not use budget shipping. I always obtain a tracking number or have the item signed for as a security issue.    Contact me if you want a deal.   Thanks
BRAND NEW Diesel Tepphar 804K, part of the colour exposure range from Autumn Winter 2012.    29x30   Some of you may have seen my 30x30 804K for sale in the mall. I recently bought these 29x30 as wasn't sure what size I really I needed. After advice from my GF, I have decided to keep my 30x30, and that is why these BNWT pair are for sale.   These retailed at £190. The Diesel website has sold out of these when they went into sale, and I know that the UK (and...
Now on eBay..... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121097102035?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
I have a pair of Thavar 880I on the way. I will post pics and provide details as soon as I can....
I am selling my All Saints 'Mast' Biker Leather Jacket. Cannot remember what I paid for it exactly, think it was around £350.   Grey in colour, beautiful soft leather.  Size Extra Small.   Contact me if you are interested. Many Thanks
I am selling my All Saints 'Post Command' Leather. It is a size SMALL, some of you may have seen some photos of me wearing it in the WDAYWT Diesel Thread.   Can be seen here on website...   http://www.allsaints.com/men/leathers/allsaints-post-command-leather-jacket/   Black in colour.   (Tiny square on back of arm where leather has come away/scuffed). Shown on photo 6)   Originally paid £250 as can be seen on the tags.   Contact me if you are...
Following the sale of my other Thanaz 73J to a member of the forum some time ago, I am finally letting go of my final pair. Most will probably know how hard to come by these are now, so I am asking £250, shipped, or best offer.   These are labelled 30x32, but the inside leg measures 31 inches, and this was the case when I bought them from the internet a few years back. So I cannot honest 100% say whether or not they have been shortened, but my instincts tell me that...
Yes I have purchased from him and I wouldnt again. Shipping was very quick and his prices were good but the wash eas terrible. We have spoken about this several times on the forum, if you search for Shioner 74Z, the thread that I started should come up. It seems that he may be selling 'seconds' where the wash wasnt produced properly. That was my experience anyway.
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