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I am selling my beloved Tepphar 804K from the colour exposure range. These were very limited in terms of availability and I have not seen a pair for sale in this size since I bought these.   I have a large collection of denim so naturally these have been worn only a handful of times. Please see my feedback for your own assurances. I will ship anywhere and use a tracked service.   PM me if you are interested. Thanks
I am selling my beloved Tepphar 804K, size 30x30. I got these direct from the Diesel online store because I called the UK flagship and they said that these were not available in any stores. Furthermore when I went into the UK flagship store wearing them, a member of staff ask me if I had had a pair of Safado 804K tapered as they did not even know that Tepphar came in this wash. These sold out online bery quickly, I got the last pair of 30x30 and I have not seen a pair in...
These still available?
Dont I know it..., Though I had escaped and got away without spending anything this weekend until I got the email late last night.... £630 later.... Picked up a few pairs in a couple of sizes so half will be refunded and also ordered a couple that I have not seen IRL. Will try get some reviews up when they arrive.
Long time no post..... All Saints Kushiro Leather NEXT Tee Tepphar 824B Pointer Suede
Diesel Thavar Jogg Jeans 603L Worn a handful of times. I have a collection of 30 plus pairs so I never wear a pair more than 1-2 times a month. These retail at £230 and are still available on the Diesel site.... http://store.diesel.com/gb/slim-skinny_cod36428802fm.html These come with tags and are in excellent condition. £140 shipped but I will accept offers. PM me for a deal. Thanks
Wow @ Phukette I never knew that. That probably explains the large Diesel store I stumbled across in Dublin a few years back that was nothing like a rrgular Diesel store, i remember having a lengthy conversation with my girlfriend that went something like "I just dont understand how they are able to get away with using the Diesel brand to sell fake clothes".
Spot on @ Phukette Most brands will cater for the mainstream with simple washes which in my opinion Diesel does very well. This season there is an extensive selection of jeans that can be worn casually and wont draw too much attention. The higher end stuff will always be outrageous and for those willing to push the boundaries. Ii also receieved Tepphar 833Y earlier this week, along with Tepphar 607P, 831D and Sleenker 830J. I will get a review up towards the weekend of...
I agree. I owned 809V and it was crap. Would never buy a pair simply because it was a blue eyecon. I am currently at around 30 pairs and not one is a blue eyecon.
@Sanibeldude Hi bud, long time no speak. I only pocked up the 806Q last week - had an eye on them for a while but online pictures tended to vary. They are true to size and fit like most of my other Tepphars. Material is very similar to that of 8W3 I guess. A nice dark wash with a tint of blue throughout and fading on the front. I will keep them I think! @Hawk I am the same man, I have about 4-5 denim jackets and always end up wearing them with jeans. Double Denim is the...
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