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@Phukette   I agree, £300 is ridiculous. I am surprised they would sell any at that price but the online store only has a couple of sizes left. My obsession would have pushed me to £200 (probably regrettably) but glad I got them a lot cheaper!
So I posted my latest purchase in the other thread and a few users were asking about the colours. Apologies for the delays in response, I try to get on here when I can but often I forget! Due to the intrigue I decided to set up this thread using @Denim Collectors reviews as a template (minus the wall - you know which one) 😉 So when I initially saw these, I wondered why the hell they were £300. Then I managed to have a look in store and it was clear that they were pitched...
@ Dieselicious - yeah they do have a kinda brown/green dirty tone to them but its barely noticeable. I will try and get some fit pics in 2 different lights so you can see. Hard to describe!
Thanks guys - will get some worn pics when I can. @ Quettingen - yeah I did, was really happy with the price as I thiught about getting them from Zalando when they eventually go on sale. Glad I didnt though - I love them but not at £300! Did I buy them from you or were you watching them as well? 😃
My Tepphar 823D arrrived today....
Jogg Jeans are are hybrid combining Denim and Sweatpants. The REBOOT campaign is simply a line of products that celebrates Diesel as a brand and its history. The jeans included in the REBOOT campaign just happen to be Joggs.
I agree @ karacho We talk a lot on the forum about the amazing pairs and have probably forgotten that Diesel have always produced some amount of crap each season. 😅
Just caught up on this thread - definitely a lot of hate. Having said that I dont think much has changed - the variance of design has always been evident, certainly during the time I have followed the brand (7-8 years). Diesel has always tried to make a statement with their deaign, and they always produce a large selection of pieces which are just too outrageous to be worn by normal people on ad ay to day basis. The biggest problem for me is the prices. It used to be...
Thanks for teh comments! Love the the new jacket. Anyone found that the newer pairs arr coming up a bit bigger? Im fining that. I need a 28 in some Tepphars. Pretty sure. I havent lost weight! Double Denim today..... Diesel Sdolpy Shirt Krooley 816D Jogg Legend Boots
It wont depend wnere you buy them, it will just vary from pair to pair like previous washes such as 880W, 881W, 887V etc. My guess is that they used a shite pair for their photos!
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