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Haven't posted here in a while, so here goes...   Diesel Juzicon Fur Sunday Work Clothes Tee Thanaz 8880K (Thanks again Ramirez) Nike Blazer Mid            These aren't stacking quite as I would like (especially with the shoes) so I will probably getting the starch spray out when I get home!        
Diesel Thavar 880M jeans up for grabs...   This pair is brand new. I waited and waited for NewYorkSpeed to have a sale, then bought these in July last year. I had them sent to a mate in the US but by the time he brought them home to me, I had kind of lost interest and they have sat in my wardrobe. I still have the tags on them that show the price from NewYorkSpeed.   Couldnt decide whether to sell these, or my Superbia 80L (Both new, and felt I didnt need both as...
Braddom 887D up for grabs....   Selling these simply becuase I own way too many pairs of jeans and the ones I wear the least I have decided to pass on to a better home. In truth, the Braddom cut is not for me but I loved the wash so much that I bought these anyway.   Amazing pair, fantastic attention to detail as you all probably know.   Please feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.   Many Thanks
I am selling a pair of Diesel Tepphar 804K Jeans....   These have not been available for sometime now. I bought a pair myself in a 30x30 back in November, and it was the last pair of 30 waist that Diesel had in stock on the European website. They were never stocked in the actual Diesel stores in the UK (not sure about rest of Europe). I have also looked online at all the other european retailers that stocked this model, and they also seem to now be...
I think theres actually a lot of bullshit in there as well, Here are some points to think about....   1. Online outlets do not all sell 'lesser' quality items. Quite often it is past season stuff that has not sold. I know for a fact that when end of season sales end in Diesel stores, the stock that remains goes straight back to Italy, before being distributed to the Diesel outlets and other retailers (many of which may be online).   2. Everybody knows that brands...
No worries, you must have nabbed the pair I was watching in my ebay. :-D   His are the non stretch version right? Cant seem to find a 31x30 normal or 30x30 Stretch anywhere!
@ Hawk   Where did you get Thavar 8NE 31/30? I have 30x30 but thinking of sizing up!?
Guys, thanks for your responses, much appreciated/ I like to think I know my stuff and I did come across in that kind of way when I emailing the buyer, but the fact he wouldnt back down put a sligh doubt in my mind. I knew they were real though I was adamant, I even asked him to look at all the tiny details (Coin logo, tag on the back, stitching, etc) and feel the denim to confirm the authenticity. He agreed the fit was very good but thought the feel of the denim was...
I just have too many pairs of jeans at the moment. Take away the ones I have in the marketplace right now, I still have 30 pairs in the wardrobe and I cannot justify keeping them all!
Thanks for your response bud. This clears up a lot for me as I had no idea about the indian head tag, and it isnt present on the jeans I sold him.   However.... I have just looked at all my other BG jeans I have for sale and none of them have the indian head, just the small microstitching tag! I will pass this info onto the buyer!   thanks @demonstrative, hopefully others can also back me up from the forum! :-)
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