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Zara Floral Tee Thavar 8X2 Adidas Gazelle         
@ Denim Collector I wouldnt try to compare the two, as for me the 887V is a dirty wash in terms of all of the bleaching going on. There is a high contrast of colours (certainly on my pair) where as the 880I is more of a controlled transition between blues and whites throughout the jeans. The 887V is awesome IMO but I do struggle to wear it as its really in your face. @ Sanibeldude No worries. I have never bought from them but I have heard that others have and I wouldnt...
@ Sanibeldude   They do make them in a 34 inch leg!???   http://www.kellyjeans.nl/nl/diesel-thavar-880i-07/g6/p57360/
Thavar 880I   I received these today in my normal Thavar size 30x30  but I am deciding to sell them on. They fit my waist but are too tight on my upper legs and the wash draws attention to them,   Great opportunity to get these jeans cheaper than retail. I feel they have kinda gone under the radar, and I am not sure of anywhere where you can them in a short leg at the moment.   PM if your interested. I will combine shipping if you want more than 1 pair of my...
They look awesome. Keep.   I got mine today, but I am going to sell them on. I have 880I in Rombee already, they are very similar to 8880, and although they fit my waist as normal Thavar, the upper thigh is too tight, They will be in the mall if anyone is interested. BNWT, 30/30.
@ Denim Collector   It is all down to personal preference on the cut. Personally, I would get Shioner any day of the week as I dont wear Krooley.
If I was you, I would get 8I2 and 880W. You can pick both of these up for the same price as 811P alone. I have 880W in Shioner (one of the best washes Diesel have ever produced in my opinion) and 811P in Thavar. 811P are awesome, but never going to change your life. Its also very easy to fall into the buzz of the forum, everyone talking about 811P etc and you feel like you should own them. I never would have paid retail for my Thavar 811P simply because I think £210 is...
Darron 880R Darron 809V   Tepphar 8PK Tepphar 8NA Tepphar 8Y9 Tepphar 887V Tepphar 8Y0 Tepphar 804K Tepphar 881W Tepphar 8W3   Thavar 8NE Thavar 811P Thavar 813L UK (ECOM) Thavar 8X2 Thavar 8W7 Thavar 8880M Thavar 76G UK   Shioner 801A Shioner 806N Shioner 806M Shioner 74Y Shioner 880W P-Shioner (Navy)   Thanaz 660Q Thanaz 18K Thanaz 880L (Will probably sell)   DBG Excess 80L Krooley 800D Jogg Pant...
Almost got a little spicy in here ;-) bit of controversy (albeit temporary) never did anyone any harm....   *THAVAR BOMB*   Scotch & Soda Tee (New) Thavar 811P Paul Smith Leather Pumps         J.Lindeberg Tee Thavar 8880M Bally Suede Shoes         Topman Leaf Print Tee Thavar 813L (E-COM) Adidas Tweed Trainers          Open to all compliments/criticism...... :-D
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