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I was also looking at that pair. The seller told me that they measure 16.5 inches (waist aligned). I was kind of hopeful but I have recently tried a Tepphar in a 29 and it was a no go. From looking at the Krooley in my local store, I think the denim on the 887Q is not too stiff.
All Saints HS merino Cardigan Sinstar Tee Shioner 880W (31x30) Nike Sixton      
Contact the person who sent the jeans. If they constantly ignore you, I would say you have been screwed!
Bicester Village
I hope this is the case, Im going to a Diesel outlet Sunday (for the first time) and I know they have 888P in L32. Been searching for 30 leg for ages but may pick them up in a 32 if this is the case!
I have also done it for a couple of members who have wanted jeans from Europe. I am in the UK, so anyone who needs it done, let me know.
Will you get a 30 leg?
Thanks for your help Team, I think I will get my usual 30x30. I have never been able to size down to a 29 so I think 30x30 will be fine.   Thanks again, will post pics when I get them.
Hiya   So I am going to pick up Darron 809V but wont get the chance to try them on first. For some reason I get the impression that they are probably thick denim?   Not sure whether to get 30/30 or 31/30. Has anyone had any expeience with these, or does anyone live near a store and wouldnt mind giving them a go?   All of my Thavars are a 30/30 as are most of my Tepphar. My Shioners are mostly 31x30 (unless stretch) and my Darron 880R is 30x30 (again,...
Thanks guys, Im real pleased with them too.   The white inside the jeans is a real nice touch and normally I wouldnt wear my Thavars with turn ups, but will do with these as it further emphasises the blue. They are a lot like 8NJ but in a better cut (IMO). I got my usual size (30x30) and they fit pretty much like my other Thavars (8880M, 880M, 813L etc).   Needless to say they are definitely worth buying. Although I think most people had made their minds up...
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