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Couple of outfits from the past few day....   Worland Tee Tepphar 887V All White Converse       Primark Jumper (Bargain - £3!!!) Thavar-UK 75G Nike Oasis Tweed    
@ Zodiac   Looking for Shioner 600R, Thavar 886B, Thavar 888P, Shioner 805A, Thavar-UK 75G.   All at the right prices of course.
To be honest theres a loada washes from this season and last that I am after first. I know with the new stuff I will be able to pick it up anytime between now and January, so its not on my list of priorities. But when I do come to pick them up, no doubt it will be online and I want to make sure I get the ones with the normal stitching.
@ viber   As they are old season, you wont find them in Diesel stores. As they were exclusive to flagship stores around the world only, you will also do extremely well to find them in outlets. I have had two pairs which I got from ebay. The first was a US pair in a 31x30 which I sold as it had stretched. I still have BNWT UK pair in a 31x32 which Im debating keeping or not.   I have also been looking for them still in a 30x30 but It will be a miracle if I find...
Yes they are £130 and have black ink on them.   Anyone know about the stitching mentioned above?
@pryv75   Does your pair have the bright blue stitching around the pockets etc?   The pictures online of these show a bright blue stitching, but I popped into one of the stores yesterday and tried them on, and they did not have the stitching. I want to get them, I think its a great wash but the bright blue stitching is a no no for me, a real deal breaker.   Can anyone shed any light?
Cool, if I do decide to take the plunge and spend £200 on them, I will get a 30. I have asked the seller for some actual pictures of the 30x30 but he said it is too time consuming so he has used the same pictures for all sizes. Great....
Hi all, been spying on this thread for a while although i dont own a pair of 888P myself. Great fit pics @sanmiguel80 and @gloriouscafe. Im after some advice, I want to get a pair but not sure what size I need. All of my Thavar (8X2, 8W7, 811P, 8NE, 8880M, 813L) are waist 30, except my 75G which are a 31. You may have seen the listing on ebay in ther US, a guy has several sizes in a short leg and I am thinking of buying from him. Not sure if I need a 30 or 31 inch waist,...
Yeah thats the same in the UK, places like House of Fraser and other online retailers may go straight in at 50% on denim!
All Denim is only reduced by 30%, even as the sale goes on. So Take 30% from Krooley 811P price and that is the least you will get them from, direct from Diesel. The clothing will usually start at 30% and go down to 50%, but the jeans wont budge, And yes, it will be in June, stores and online.
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