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Following the sale of my other Thanaz 73J to a member of the forum some time ago, I am finally letting go of my final pair. Most will probably know how hard to come by these are now, so I am asking £250, shipped, or best offer.   These are labelled 30x32, but the inside leg measures 31 inches, and this was the case when I bought them from the internet a few years back. So I cannot honest 100% say whether or not they have been shortened, but my instincts tell me that...
Yes I have purchased from him and I wouldnt again. Shipping was very quick and his prices were good but the wash eas terrible. We have spoken about this several times on the forum, if you search for Shioner 74Z, the thread that I started should come up. It seems that he may be selling 'seconds' where the wash wasnt produced properly. That was my experience anyway.
All Saints 'Recluse' Biker Jacket (New) All Saints Tee Tepphar 804K All Saints 'Strike' Hi-Top          
Selling one of my Thavar 75G Jeans. I have two, one from the US store and one from the UK store, so decided I do not need both. As most of you are probably aware, these were an exclusive to the flagship stores around the world, for SS12 (I think?).   Pretty sure they retailed at around the £210 mark, which is what I am asking. If you are interested, get in touch and maybe we can sort something out. Rare chance to get hold of these jeans, having spoken to the...
Had to take some snaps of my Thavar 8X2. They looked amazing today when the sun hit them, should have took some outdoors really....   J Lindeberg Tee Thavar 8X2 Clarks Desert Boots      
In my case, the guy never opened a disputeon paypal. He didnt even contact me until I asked him to leave feedback, then he said 'Was I joking' and that he ahd gone to the Diesel store in Norway and was awaiting a letter to say that they were imitations. It was laughable. in the end, I seemed to have convinced him that they were the real deal (as they were) and I even ended up selling him a pair of Tepphar when I got them in his size.   Some people just like to try it...
I own these jeans and yours are real. End of.   I am especially interested in this thread as I also had a guy on ebay do the same thing.  Either the guy has no idea what he is buying or he is a total cock.
@ Aahz - Love that All Saints Shirt, and Shioner 880W are one of my favourite jeans, they are incredible aren't they!   @ karacho - Still cant work out how you make all of your jeans look good regardless of the cut. Your krooley looks the same as your thavar. Awesome.   Here we go with some double denim.....   Diesel Rooby Denim Shirt Topman Grey Leaf Print Tee Thavar 811P Nike Blazer       
I couldnt comment for all Tepphar, but certainly in the 886A wash, they were too tight all over; thighs, calves, and couldnt get the waist done up. Sorry I cant be of any more help.
What site is it? It sounds like they are screwing you over and that is why you havent been sent any info. This is how these website operate.
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