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River Island Denim Shirt Topman Tee Shioner 801A River Island Decks       Picked up Thanaz 888I today too (the blue stripey ones), fit pics to follow!  
@ zdenal_cz You can get them on a website called 'Spartoo'. If you search for Thor on the website they are available. Not sure what sizes though, they are selling at £125 or so.
@ Zodiac 6 is the smallest size they do.
@ Zodiac Not quite sure, my nearest Diesel store is 3 hours away so I only really visit the ones in London or at Bluewater, and that is not very often. I know they were definitely available online though, couldnt comment about stores!
@ zdenal_cz I actually found these to come up much bigger than any other shoes I own. I tried on both the black and beige pairs at Christmas, as they were on sale. I am usually a 7 or 7.5 in most shoes but the Thors in a size 7 came up massive. I have been looking for a 6.5 at a decent price ever since.
Yeah they are too spaced out. Really not sure how I can do it properly though. I have had advice about crinkling them together with my hands but cant see how I will get the pegs on to keep them in place! I am going to wash them tonight, cover them in starch once they are done and try to shape them before hanging them out to dry.
@ Zodiac We did get them in the UK mate, I debated picking them up from Diesel Online for ages right until they sold out. They were £210 and went into sale at £147!
@ Zodiac Not a chance bud, I would never go for a pair of jeans because he has worn them. 73J, 8SV were awesome washes, and I only sold mine because I got very good offers. Just cant decide on the 888P right now.
Thanks for the comments Team. Im not sure what it is, I have been looking for these in my size for so long, but maybe now I have them I just dont like the wash as much as I thought I would. I certainly dont thinks its as cool as some of my other Thavar washes (8880L, 8x2, 8880m, 8ne).  I could definitely size down to a 30 but im not sure whether or not the wash emphasizes the size of my legs, therefore I perceive them to be big,   Really not sure what to do, but...
Wow, the Belther look awesome. Im off to London later this month to see Kasabian so I will try them when I go. Whether I go for them or not will all depend on the leg opening I expect!   Ralph Lauren Tee Diesel Chi-Tight Nike Blazer ID    
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