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@`Zodiac   Where are you seeing 50% off Krooley 811P? Im on the Diesel UK site now and they are still full price!?
I agree, I initially saw @ Phukettes photos of the Shioner 600R and even though they looked great I still wasn't convinced. It was only when I went into store and saw them IRL that I saw how great they were. Tried them on but figured I would wait for sale. Going to pick them up in London next Sunday!
All Saints Tonic Scoop Primark Cut off Denim Shirt Tepphar 8Y0 Vans    
River Island Denim Shirt Topman Tee Shioner 801A River Island Decks       Picked up Thanaz 888I today too (the blue stripey ones), fit pics to follow!  
@ zdenal_cz You can get them on a website called 'Spartoo'. If you search for Thor on the website they are available. Not sure what sizes though, they are selling at £125 or so.
@ Zodiac 6 is the smallest size they do.
@ Zodiac Not quite sure, my nearest Diesel store is 3 hours away so I only really visit the ones in London or at Bluewater, and that is not very often. I know they were definitely available online though, couldnt comment about stores!
@ zdenal_cz I actually found these to come up much bigger than any other shoes I own. I tried on both the black and beige pairs at Christmas, as they were on sale. I am usually a 7 or 7.5 in most shoes but the Thors in a size 7 came up massive. I have been looking for a 6.5 at a decent price ever since.
Yeah they are too spaced out. Really not sure how I can do it properly though. I have had advice about crinkling them together with my hands but cant see how I will get the pegs on to keep them in place! I am going to wash them tonight, cover them in starch once they are done and try to shape them before hanging them out to dry.
@ Zodiac We did get them in the UK mate, I debated picking them up from Diesel Online for ages right until they sold out. They were £210 and went into sale at £147!
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