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@ Toulouz   Did you get the Diesel Kugan and belt from me? eBay?
Today....   Topman Camo Overshirt/Jacket French Connection Pocket Tee Thavar 813L Adidas Tweed            
@ Jim Wang Very interesting. Although they are not what I would ever wear please dont take that as a criticism as I would say Well Done for the creative element. I too initially thought they were fake and was suprised when you said you did all the work yourself. @ Everyone else who is interested..... Thanks for the comments on the outfits. Im still not completely sold on Shioner 74Y. Although I have had it for a year, I just wish the composition was different so it...
@ DSalvatore   The top is from Scotch and Soda, I went to the store in London last week for the first time. They do some awesome stuff. I think its available on their website right now, only £42!
Bargain!!!   Today and Yesterday - Shioner Bomb....   Zara Floral Tee Diesel Banard Belt Shioner 600R  Vans Black Leather       Scotch & Soda Denim Grandad  Diesel Bannys Belt (Blue) Shioner 74Y Clarks Dresslite Walk     
Today....   NUNC Short Sleeved Fleck Jumper Thavar 881P Paul Smith Leather Pumps    
Hiya bud Will you be getting Tepphar 813W?
Worland Tee Krooley 0111D Converse    
@ Phukette Great Reviews. I was waiting for the Thavar to hit the UK store but I will have a long think before I buy it if the quality is poor. I said to me missus yesterday after buying a new Diesel 'Jeer' Jacket that they seem to just charge whatever the fuck they like at the moment, probably why so much of it is still available at sales. I went into 3 Diesel stores yesterday and they have stacks of Darron 809V and Krooley 811P at half price. They couldnt give them...
@ Drumedge   Yeah I think I say those on eBay, the 31x30? He also has the 813L version too I think. I had them both in my ebay, if the 75G were the UK version I would have took them, my UK ones are a 32 inch leg and I want a 30.   Great Buy, the wash is excellent!
New Posts  All Forums: