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Thanks guys, glad my review was deemed to be an acceptable standard 😄 Like I said, tried to copy your format Denim Collector - just gotta put a denim wall in place now! @ Dieselicious - Sorry to delay, the lab on mine 003100 and I have a circular sticker with a 4 on mine, but its stuck onto the same tag where the lab, lav etc is printed!
Just to clarify as well, I have sold a few pairs to @ bombchuchart and he has always been a good person to deal with. He has contacted me via the forum and personal email. I cannot comment if this user is the same as the ebay seller, but that link for the Shioner 801A is being sold by ebay user dieseldirtynewage. I have bought from a guy called fxxkbomb and they must be the same seller as the photos of the jeans are the same as is their location. Again, the jeans I bought...
Course not @Deiselicious   Still a very nice pair you have their despite the higher tonal contrast. Yours look very similar to the Diesel stock photo!   @freeradical82   You are right, I wouldn't day they are too thick but they are definitely a little bit heavier than some of my other Tepphar!
@Phukette   I agree, £300 is ridiculous. I am surprised they would sell any at that price but the online store only has a couple of sizes left. My obsession would have pushed me to £200 (probably regrettably) but glad I got them a lot cheaper!
So I posted my latest purchase in the other thread and a few users were asking about the colours. Apologies for the delays in response, I try to get on here when I can but often I forget! Due to the intrigue I decided to set up this thread using @Denim Collectors reviews as a template (minus the wall - you know which one) 😉 So when I initially saw these, I wondered why the hell they were £300. Then I managed to have a look in store and it was clear that they were pitched...
@ Dieselicious - yeah they do have a kinda brown/green dirty tone to them but its barely noticeable. I will try and get some fit pics in 2 different lights so you can see. Hard to describe!
Thanks guys - will get some worn pics when I can. @ Quettingen - yeah I did, was really happy with the price as I thiught about getting them from Zalando when they eventually go on sale. Glad I didnt though - I love them but not at £300! Did I buy them from you or were you watching them as well? 😃
My Tepphar 823D arrrived today....
Jogg Jeans are are hybrid combining Denim and Sweatpants. The REBOOT campaign is simply a line of products that celebrates Diesel as a brand and its history. The jeans included in the REBOOT campaign just happen to be Joggs.
I agree @ karacho We talk a lot on the forum about the amazing pairs and have probably forgotten that Diesel have always produced some amount of crap each season. 😅
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