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Last night I wore this to go out in St Albans   Zatiny 8UP Diesel Tshirt Diesel trainers
It's been a while but I thought I'd post a couple of pix of what I wore on holiday last week in Ibiza.   Zatiny 72L   Zathan 772 03
Not posted in a long time but here we go! Larkee 73I and Diesel Hoodie    
Quote: Originally Posted by Aooo Hey Levislad how are u? any update on this pair? I am still yhinking of getting one and would love to know if the streched out a lot or you wouls still say that they fit tight? Thanks They are still tight but I don't wear them everyday!
Quote: Originally Posted by bowermania Best light wash ever on safado was 71R. End Of. Now that's a nice positive way to close this thread Yes but here are my light wash Safado's 8KJ 71R - Yes the best wash ever 71J 8GS - another favourite 72H
They are W30 and that is what I usually wear! I have only worn them once yet!
Here we go! hahahahaha!
I have photos of all 5 pairs of my Diesel pants in waiting! Shall I post them?
I have them and they run very tight compared to other Zatiny's
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