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No worries. Actually, I am gay so I will never be a dad as far as I know at this present time. It's hard enough finding a boyfriend let alone trying to be a dad too!  
  No, I don't have and kids at all. I am single. I use the name Levislad because that's all I used to wear. I have a bit of a jeans thing going on too.   Thanks for the compliment on the Levis.    
Levis 511s if anyone is interested?
I know they aren't Diesel but I love my black Levis 511s
Zathan 772 (03) today!   Hoping the Tepphar's will arrive tomorrow.  
Just bought some Tepphar Turbodenim from ebay BNWT for £66!
I already have a few pairs of Safado, (8KJ, 71R, 71J, 72H, 8AA) need some more Safados. I was thinking Thanaz or Thavar, although I think I'll look at Koolter, Shioner and Tepphar too.
Another retro look for the summer. My Zathan 8KJ.   I am thinking of getting some skinnier Diesels. I have plenty of skinny Levis (511s). What do you guys recommend?  
Thought I'd go retro over the weekend with my Zathan 71J    
Last night I wore this to go out in St Albans   Zatiny 8UP Diesel Tshirt Diesel trainers
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