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Summer has arrived...went to Brighton yesterday so the light wash Safado 71R came out...not that I need an excuse for a light wash!
My tightest Zathans are my 8AT although my 772 04 are also as tight! Safados are much tighter!
I tuck in shirts without a belt and sometimes with a belt...depends on the occasion...I don't tuck in tshirts though. If it is more of a dress up occasion with a smarter shirt I will tuck in with a belt...otherwise with a more casual shirt I would without a belt. What were you thinking? You could post pix to show the look you are trying to recreate with and without a belt!
Can't join gilt unless you are invited by an existing member!
What size are the troulegs?
I don't like Thanaz either! I personally think Safado are the slimmest you should go...they look great! I have never got the Thanaz hype to be honest!
Quote: Originally Posted by diesel1411 What kind of gay are you? Don't you know how to hold a wine glass? Be more cultured BITCH!!!! I'm so sorry...I will remember next time!
Quote: Originally Posted by SFAM You hold a wine glass so awkwardly. You must be very dominating in bed. I was quite drunk by that point in the evening!
School Reunion so wore Safado 8GS
Safado 8VE look very similar to 71R
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