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I didn't want to button my shirt on this occasion...the photos were taken in Cambridge...the firt pic is the River Cam and the second is outside King's College part of Cambridge University
Quote: Originally Posted by JaapTrekhaak Button up your shirt, wear a belt and show us your shoes. No, No and No!
Quote: Originally Posted by dzondlo Lol, fail on man bag. Not really liking the top either but good fit on zathans +1 What's wrong with the man bag? Does it make me look gay?
cross post from WDJAYW Zathan 72H, Diesel shirt and bag
2 and 4 are the best on you!
Diesel Zathan 72H and Diesel shirt in Cambridge yesterday! The bag is Diesel too!
Great fit on the Safado Saddock!
Quote: Originally Posted by dzondlo Okay, this is the tightest top I have by far, is it wearable? (Perspective is from bottom, so of course the jeans (troulegs) look much bigger than torso) Sorry for the mad face lol, just took one pic. I think the outfit looks great! Wish I could get hold of some troulegs!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 you just want the bulge to be move visible is all Not necessarily! I'm not always a tart! (just mostly) My honest opinion is that Safado should be worn tighter...the legs look too baggy to me!
They just seem baggy in the legs for Safado! They aren't horrid though..I think Safado should be worn slimmer imho
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