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My light washes are my favourite colours. I wear them all year round!
I am moving house in a week soI haven't had chance to post. I have also been wearing my Levis this last couple of weeks too! I feel a Diesel weekend coming on.   Nice Thavar btw....keep posting...love seeing your jeans!
I will post at the weekend...I have a new Diesel Hoodie to show you all.   I have also just bought these on ebay. They are Thavar aren't they? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/250928494879?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649    
Itsinmyjeans: Do you have any pix of you in Zathan 772s?
I think I might sell my Larkee because they are too loose and baggy. I could lose the Viker and a couple of Zathan too!
I intend to. I want some more Thanaz and Safado. I want some Thavar too.   I might sell my Larkee and Viker and one or two of my Zathan to make way for them!
I have 41 pairs of Diesel jeans at the moment.   Here is the current range.   Zathan and Zatiny Zathan 772, Zathan 71J, Zathan 8IK, Zathan 8KJ, Zatiny 8UP, Zatiny 88Z Zathan 772, Zathan 71J, Zathan 72H, Zathan 8KJ, Zatiny 8AT, Zatiny 8XR Zathan 772, Zathan 70N, Zathan 8AT, Zathan 8ZT, Zatiny 8IW, Zatiny 8ST Zathan 70C, Zathan 784, Zathan 8SZ, Zatiny 72L, Zatiny 8RQ     Safado 8KJ, Safado 8AA, Viker 72D, Larkee 88Z, Thanaz 8C3 Safado 41L,...
Another eBay bargain. £18 for Diesel Zatiny 8XR  
Itsinmyjeans - those Zatiny 74F fit perfectly. They look great round your ass and the front looks good too! ;)    
Thanks guys for all your comments on my Thanaz! I will be buying more and some Thavar too!
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