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I have bought from Thunderbrands and never had a problem! Although I am in the UK!
Personally I don't think guys look good skin tight jeans. I do however like slim fits and some skinny fits but not so that they are painted on! I like the classic Safado fit that hugs the figure but I do think guys look disproportioned in overly skinny jeans. Von wears his skinny jeans just right as does Zodiac! They wear them how they should be imho!
yeah I was talking about the 8BI
You could post some better pix of your other Safado just as a comparison...the pix on your other thread are not the best!
I think they look good but the previous Safados in your other thread (8BI) look better imho!
Yesterday going to a BBQ Diesel shirt Safado 71J
Yesterday going to a BBQ Diesel shirt Safado 71J
Yesterday in Brighton Safado 71R
Summer has arrived...went to Brighton yesterday so the light wash Safado 71R came out...not that I need an excuse for a light wash!
My tightest Zathans are my 8AT although my 772 04 are also as tight! Safados are much tighter!
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