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Quote: Originally Posted by dzondlo Haven't seen zathans in ages. I kinda miss the Levi's dude :'( I'm here...I just haven't been wearing my Diesel's lately...been wearing Topman jeans for a change...however I did wear these Zathan's a couple of days ago!
I am about the same weight and height...I am 182lbs and 6' tall... I fit quite comfortably into my W30 L32 Safado 71J
My tight trashed Zathan 772s
I have a pair and I love them This is my pair
Quote: Originally Posted by blindr levislad looking as gay as ever funny that!
Not posted for a while but this is me last night Diesel Zatiny 8AT Topman tshirt and cardi
My favourite cut are my Safados! I love my 71J's
I don't know how it got out...I am wondering if my twisted ex did it?
I don't particularly like my photo being posted everywhere so no hate taken!
No I'm not ginger
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