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I am only following what other people are wearing here! It may not be the fashion where you are but plain V neck jumpers with a black or white tee underneath with jeans is in here...amongst other things! Gio you are just plain fucking rude! What ever jeans I wear you will say they are light or bright! I'd even go so far as to say that if I wore my 88z you'd say they were too bright or light!
Must be 772 week!
My first pair was a pair of Keetar. They were a sort of blue/green wash and fitted a lot like Levi 501. I then bought more Keetar/Kratt/Kulter before buying my first Zathan 772s. Got rid of all my Keeta/Kulter/Kratt then and moved to Zathan and the rest they say is history!
I take it you are talking about me lpalma? Are you saying I look cheap?
Personally supermode I don't think they look too bad...I would wear them tighter though...I would size down one! Incidentally I'm wearing my 772 04's today...will do pix and post them!
Congratulations on coming of age!
I do not ignore people's advice. There is nothing wrong with my light washes...it's what people are wearing here in the UK so I am just wearing what others are wearing! Larkee 8GI are really popular round here and when I go into town I see loads of guys wearing them! As for my choice of top...it's Saturday and I'm just about the house so why dress up in a decent top? So as for your "lost case" statement I think you are way off there!
Another ebay bargain and my first pair of Larkee! Larkee 8GI
I wouldn't call you a chubby guy! The jeans look good to me...better pix would confirm but they seem ok to me
If your Zatiny 8KL and Zatiny 72L are W30 L32 I'll take them!
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