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Quote: Originally Posted by biodiesel Light jeans at night? Any specific reason why? billbones... those Safado 8GS look lighter than what 8GS actually looks like... I think the dirt has long left those... those are Safado 8GS Levlislad edition. They almost look like 71J range... Levislad, post a pic of 8GS next to 71J I agree...why can't you wear light washes at night? They aren't as light as the pix show...they are slightly darker but...
Me on Saturday night! Diesel Safado 8GS
They look great...as for looking gay...well you don't look like me so what's the problem?
Quote: Originally Posted by biodiesel I was just asking if it shrunk post-wash... I think the fit of the cardigan itself leaves a bit to be desired because of the shirt underneath but the color combination of purple and 88z is nice though. I hope your boyfriend enjoyed it! My boyfriend thinks I look sexy! He will be doing naughty things with me later!
How long would you want a cardigan?? I think it's the right length....its the same size jumper would be!
Today Diesel Safado 71J
She appears to have a red lego face!
Saddock do you have any better pix of those Zathan's? Closer up??
well you know...having such a wonderful community on here I do listen to your kind advice...more dark washes for me now!
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