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Phukette - loving the Larkees, however I think the Safado fit is better on you as is the Viker. You should try slimmer cuts if you don't already have any!   Itsinmyjeans - congrats on your new arrival!   Relentless - nothing against you but I hate chinos with a passion. I would outlaw them if I could!
Thanks for the compliments! I'll be getting some more Tepphar I think, I am also looking at my first pair of Thanaz or Thavar too when I'm paid at the end of the month!.   The Viker R-Box look great on you Phukette!    
I know I posted pix earlier in the week but I am wearing them again today. Tepphar 8Y9 Turbodenim.     Does anyone have any tips for washing/wearing so they fade well? This is what it says on the pocket.  
They are finally here the Tepphar Turbodenims!  
I was actually going to comment on your ass but thought I would refrain for fear of embarrassment. Now I have a clearer pic please? ;)
Thought I'd put my Larkee 73I on today.   Since I lost some weight I think my Larkees are a little loose now...I think I need to get W29 or even W28 Larkee now.  
I have noticed more and more that guys here are not wearing belts with their jeans more and more. Even when they tuck in a shirt I have noticed more and more guys without a belt displaying the top button of their jeans.   How do you wear your jeans? With or without belts?   Post your pix too to show how you wear yours.
No worries. Actually, I am gay so I will never be a dad as far as I know at this present time. It's hard enough finding a boyfriend let alone trying to be a dad too!  
  No, I don't have and kids at all. I am single. I use the name Levislad because that's all I used to wear. I have a bit of a jeans thing going on too.   Thanks for the compliment on the Levis.    
Levis 511s if anyone is interested?
New Posts  All Forums: