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I have just bought Diesel K-Crono jumper and Sleenker 886z
Phukette the smaller sizes look great on you...the fit is perfect.
Love the Tepphar, Phukette. Great fit! Are they grey or light blue?
Hello, just down the road here in Hertfordshire.
They look very similar to my 807C. The only difference is the lack of pattern on the 807C which I prefer to be honest! They do look cool though!
Today, Thavar 807C with Diesel denim shirt and a Diesel tshirt. I love the colour of these Thavar 807C.
 I can't get my size in Thavar 886Z. Everywhere seems to be sold out of 29W 32L
Phukette, those Shioner 886Z look great.  I wish I had got some. Can't find them anywhere now
Thanks iPaul. Today I am a real "Levislad".
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