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I wasn't being offensive. I was merely suggesting that fashions and tastes change and that bootcuts are not as popular anymore.   Yes, I didn't like Thanaz (Thavar didn't exist then) because I wasn't a fan of skinny jeans. I was still in Zathan and Zatiny Bootcuts and Safado (which I still wear and like). My tastes have changed too.
Does anyone wear bootcut any more?
Thanks @denim addict!!!
Today Thanaz 8b9 and Diesel white polo
They are 825M.  The price gives it away. 8880M was never that much. I want the 825M but can't justify the very high price
@777dude great fits on both of the Thanaz. Like them alot.   @straychev, loving the 8X2. Looking forward to some better fit pix.
Hurry with the pix!
I wonder if they do country style kitchens?
I won't miss Krooley! Never liked the look of them personally!
Thanks Straychev! You will get some soon I'm sure!
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