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I may be wrong but I have been out in London and various other towns in the SouthEast of England and Birmingham in the Midlands over the last few weeks.   I have been looking at what jeans guys are wearing (not in a stalkerish way) but I am interested in what people are wearing.   I can count the number of guys wearing skinny Diesel jeans on one hand. In London the other day I spotted one guy in Thavar and that was it. I didn't see many Larkee to be honest.   Now...
eBay bargain for £20. Thavar 886z in perfect condition! You can never have too many black skinny jeans!
I stuck to my normal size of W29 and they fit the same as my other Thavar.
 They look great. Fit really well. Where in the UK are you?
The 880i looks like this
Today black diesel polo with Thavar 825m
Here are the 825m
@Phukette you finally sold your 8880M? That's a shame because they looked great on you.   My 8880M are better to wear in the summer rather than 880I. They are much thinner denim than the 880I. They are thinner denim than 880M too. I really like them.   I also have 825M which are a bit more stretchy than the 8880M but very similar.
I gave Sleenker 886Z and it's a jet black plain wash. I know it has been available in Tepphar and Thavar
@phukette if you don't mind me saying, those Thavar define your legs and hips really well. They accentuate your shape perfectly!
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