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Sleeker is button fly
Looks fine to me...Keep them
I have Viker too, forgot about them...   No I don't have Safado 73J. I have 71J though.
I still have my 2003 Zathan 772s and a couple of pairs of Zathan 8KJ, a couple of pairs of Zatiny too. I never wear them but they are all in reserve! I do have a few pairs of Safado still too although I rarely wear them. I should sell them but I can't bare to part with them just yet!
Yes I have washed them a couple of times
@denim addict here are my 880i which I have teamed with my K-Crono knit
@denim addict Your 880i look great. I am going to get mine out and wear them now!
I have just sold mine but they look ok to me. The inside seam is a little twisted that's all by the look of it. I wouldn't worry. They are supposed to be distressed and it is just part of that process.
Great buy Denim Addict. I love my 880i too. Can't wait to see fit pix!
 Welcome back Locky! Great fit on the Tepphar. Hope to see more of you in future!
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