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Get more Thanaz for sure! Perfect fit and look great on you. Forget bootcuts. Welcome to skinny jeans!
Looking good @straychev. Good buy you got there!
Not posted for a while! Thanaz 8B9 and Diesel wooly jumper
TheKid13 those 880i look great. I love mine too. They are very stiff denim and I think that's what makes them feel tight. There is very little give in them and don't stretch. How are you getting on with them?
Welwyn Garden City here
Are you in London too gloriouscafe?
The problem for me is that the price of Diesel jeans this season seems to have skyrocketed
@kobe24 What size are your 827W?
@straychev Yay, you finally got your 8X2!! They look fantastic. Liking the colour of the polo too!
Thavar 880i are thick denim and are quite rigid compared to a lot of Thavars. They are better for the cooler months.
New Posts  All Forums: