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Spam threads on this site are getting worse!   Is someone going to do anything about it before people start leaving and the site dies due to the annoyance of so much spam?
  They are real...now lets see some fit pix!
Not great pix but this was last night's offering. My Thavar 886B with a plain white H&M shirt and classic black H&M cardigan
Looking great there! Good to see you back!
Sleeker is button fly
Looks fine to me...Keep them
I have Viker too, forgot about them...   No I don't have Safado 73J. I have 71J though.
I still have my 2003 Zathan 772s and a couple of pairs of Zathan 8KJ, a couple of pairs of Zatiny too. I never wear them but they are all in reserve! I do have a few pairs of Safado still too although I rarely wear them. I should sell them but I can't bare to part with them just yet!
Yes I have washed them a couple of times
@denim addict here are my 880i which I have teamed with my K-Crono knit
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