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Just received my bargain Zalando Lounge order! Thavar 827W, Thavar 829B and three pairs of Thashort all for £230
Here are my new 3301 Super Slim Black Cobbler
Those Safado look great! I have got rid of all but a couple of pairs of mine now.
Sleenker 830j and Diesel polo
I bought my first pair of G-Star jeans on eBay to try them out after I got two pairs of G-Star denim shorts. I got some 3301 slim taper I have now ordered some 3301 super slim black cobbler smash from ASOS which arrive tomorrow. http://www.asos.com/G-Star/G-Star-Jeans-3301-Super-Slim-Comfort-Black-Cobler-Smash/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4491189 Got my eyes on these too! https://www.g-star.com/en_gb/product/men/jeans/20.0.51001.6997.424
Everyone is looking fab Tonight I went to London to play with the gays! Wore my new Thanaz 885V and new Diesel tshirt
Not Diesel but I thought I would try some G-Star
Showering in jeans is nothing new in the gay world....to be honest I have also done it myself as I have a denim fetish and it is a sexual thing for me. I will not go in to it anymore as it is probably too much information! lol
@jeanetic I'm good thanks man! How are you! Good to see you back! Thanks for the comments on my pix. @Aahz great fits on the Sleenker and the Thavar 886b
Today Thavar 825M with my Diesel K-Crono knit
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