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  No, my rear doesn't suffer and no there is no big material tension. I have jeans as tight and they have not ripped in the crotch. Anyway, that is just your opinion. Like I said, if I wanted a looser fit I would have gone for Larkee.
They are the same size as my Thavar. I really don't think they are too tight. They are supposed to be skinny.
I'm not sizing up. Skinny jeans are supposed to be skinny. If I wanted a loose fit I would have bought Larkee!
Here's the fit pix
My Sleenker 830j have arrived today
Looking at them I am not sure they are real. I have never seen them with brown buttons. I have seen with gold coloured buttons though. The 31 and 34 font is wrong too. They are a good copy but they have things that are not quite right. Do they fit the same? Can you show me how they fit compared to your other "real" 501s?
I have seen 501s with brass buttons before and they were genuine. I however prefer my 501s with silver buttons.   Post some pix of them and some fit pix of some of your 501s!
Just ordered some Sleenker 830J with 30% off on Diesel store online, Reduced from £230 to £161. Can't wait for them to arrive!
 That's how skinny jeans should fit especially Sleenker. Keep them they look great!
Spam threads on this site are getting worse!   Is someone going to do anything about it before people start leaving and the site dies due to the annoyance of so much spam?
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